2 0 1 0.

It’s 4:30ish am on the last day of 2009 and by now I should’ve had a post about 10 predictions for 2010. Or how to convert social media efforts to show meaningful ROI… with perhaps a paragraph or two on SEO tactics. Or something smart like that. But no, I am sitting here, surfing the Internet looking at photos of pandas on Buzzfeed and reading random articles like a Wharton Econ Prof. comparing relationship to stocks.

Uhhhh really, Mona? REALLY? Well, yes. Really.

Part of  being so unmotivated to work on a meaningful post is because this year sucked so bad. It started out absolutely, positively amazing until I made a mistake. A huge life altering oops of a lifetime – things I will eventually share, but not right now. Especially since I am still completely livid and bitter about the situation. Bottomline: I learned a very very important life lesson. Things are finally falling into place and I am so ready for 2010.

Bring it.

Bloggers are Turning into Farmers

By farmers, I mean linkfarmers.

Lifestream, aggregator, consolidator…fancify it all you want, I am sorry (well, not really) but am I the only one who is sick of these so-called blogs that:

  1. have close to zero original content
  2. collects activity around the Internet i.e. YouTube favorites or “love”d songs on last.fm, photos from Flickr, Smugmug, etc., etc.
  3. pulls in every Tweet – even the ones that make no sense i.e. @namedrop it was so good seeing you, @anothernamedrop @andanothernamedrop @andonemorenamedrop OR #FollowFriday @ilovemybf @ilovemusic @ilovefood @ilovetakingpicturesoffood @omgwtfbbqbacon

Enough is enough.

These so called blogs packed to the brim with any or all of the above, is not a blog. It is a landing page; or simply a linkfarm. Which make those guilty of linkfarming, farmers. And shame on any linkfarmers (you know who you are), if you call yourselves bloggers, because a blogger you are not.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to dictate how people should use their own spaces, but please, out of respect for those who have been doing it for kinda sorta a long time and doing it well? Calling a linkfarm a blog and a linkfarmer a blogger is insulting.
Hey linkfarmers, where’s the original content?
Do you really want to keep encouraging instant gratification?
Where is the substance?

Or do you linkfarmers know something I don’t know; if so, do share. Because for the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would call their  linkfarm a blog.