2 0 1 0.

It’s 4:30ish am on the last day of 2009 and by now I should’ve had a post about 10 predictions for 2010. Or how to convert social media efforts to show meaningful ROI… with perhaps a paragraph or two on SEO tactics. Or something smart like that. But no, I am sitting here, surfing the Internet looking at photos of pandas on Buzzfeed and reading random articles like a Wharton Econ Prof. comparing relationship to stocks.

Uhhhh really, Mona? REALLY? Well, yes. Really.

Part of  being so unmotivated to work on a meaningful post is because this year sucked so bad. It started out absolutely, positively amazing until I made a mistake. A huge life altering oops of a lifetime – things I will eventually share, but not right now. Especially since I am still completely livid and bitter about the situation. Bottomline: I learned a very very important life lesson. Things are finally falling into place and I am so ready for 2010.

Bring it.


4 thoughts on “2 0 1 0.

  1. Amani :) The worst part is over and done with, heading into 2010 w/ a semi-clean slate with only one loose end that needs to be tied. (thank god) Anyway, you be safe too, and I will see you VERY soon. HOLLA.

  2. If you’re still around to talk about them, all mistakes are either fixable or become non-issues over time. Here’s hoping both apects apply to your mega-ooops in 2009. ;) Best wishes for a happier 2010!

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