Can Someone Translate This Twitter Dude’s Speak?

I think I may be misunderstanding what this @Raffi person – Twitter platform developer –  is communicating. Anyone wanna take a shot at translating his speak? :)

Btw, this thread is about how ReTweets are no longer showing up in user timeline API calls.

I’m sorry (well not really) but LOLWUT.

ht @paulbuchheit


7 thoughts on “Can Someone Translate This Twitter Dude’s Speak?

  1. Reading that made my brain hurt.

    On the one part I understood:

    If Twitter only allowed API’s that didn’t do what the Twitter web site did, they would have 20 users, because none of the major clients (Tweetie, TweetDeck, etc.) would have come into existence.

  2. ok,

    Means the stream of any one twitter ID (or combination of twitter IDs). Twitter Inc already presents us with the streams we choose to “follow”, they are asking developers essentially to craft new ways or combination of combining or filtering these streams, in essence crat there new feature e.g. lists.

    Twitter witnessed the capacity of developers to take twitter from its current plaform (web/sms) to more abstracted smartphone app platforms (blackberry/iphone), but sadly, those apps are more or less the very same streams twitter was already delivering. They want something more, they want streams “..that are not just direct representations of our API calls” e.g. Tweetie, Tweetdeck, UberTwitter.

    They are looking to the creativity of developers to take the service to the data interpretation phase

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