@Dreamhost and @netsolcares Double FAIL

Ok. Don’t laugh, but I finally decided to register a domain and host my blog back in December.

My first choice was Dreamhost, what a big mistake. Long story short, their site kept redirecting me to some Dreamhost App panel thing (with a broken URL) because I needed to sign up and consolidate something in order to create an account.

Uhhhh, what? I just wanted to register a domain and sign up for a hosting package…

Since general consensus stated Dreamhost was awesome, my heart was set to sign up with them. It was a bummer no matter how many which ways I tried, Dreamhost kept telling me the app panel thingy with the broken URL was required as the first step. Fine, whatever,  so I launched the chat app for live help. After waiting for a live person for what seemed to be an eternity (ok, about 45 minutes – not even exaggerating @Kristy is my witness), this happens:

After waiting and waiting and waiting, the person who was helping me, ended the session. Now I am not sure if there were technical difficulties or connection issues or what but way to reassure new customers, Dreamhost! I don’t care what any of my trusted friends said: I was over trying to sign up with them.

Back to square one.

There was no way I was going to pay for GoDaddy (frankly), so I started looking around again. First looked at Rackspace because of Robert (not gonna lie), but their options are wayyyy out of my league. I just wanted a blog! Then I looked at Network Solutions, mainly because of @Shashib. Now, NetworkSolutions has this WordPress package where for less than five bucks a month, I get a domain registration with, well, whaddya know. A blog! JUST what I was looking for so I signed up, paid, all was well…or so I thought.

NetworkSolution’s WordPress package, starts out with an older version of WordPress. Older, as in, 2.8.0., as in, the version before the security update. Remember what happened to Robert? I kept trying to upgrade, it kept failing, so naturally, I submitted a ticket. Well, four days later, I still had NO response from NetworkSolutions, when on their ticket acknowledgement email, it states:


So I jumped on the phone, was transferred to four different departments, and finally reached someone who was able to answer my question, only to be told: “We cannot start out your WordPress blog with the latest version.” WTF. Super ultra epic FAIL. Anyway, long story short, I canceled my services, got a refund, and in theory, should’ve been able to go along my merry way.

Well. There is some wonky thing goin’ on with NetworkSolutions and WordPress, where I cannot map new and/or existing domains to my new one – most likely because of the WordPress package I signed up with. Bizarre. Three weeks have passed, and my domain still hasn’t been released by NetworkSolutions.

So now, I am entering 2010 with PixelBits that is hosted on WordPress.com. Oh well.


14 thoughts on “@Dreamhost and @netsolcares Double FAIL

  1. Do let me know when you find a reliable affordable web host. I’ve been through at least 7 in the last 10 years. One ate my mail, oh, and they got hacked, too, which has directly resulted in me getting an extra 100+ spams per day (I traced the addresses). Another went out of business. Two were just downright incompetent. My current one is just difficult to use and charges for support.

    So frustrating. I’d like to pay $5-$7 a month total for my relatively small-traffic blog and uber-small traffic personal site and just not have to worry about, well, the basic stuff!

  2. Hi Mona,

    Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why you want to move away from WordPress.com other than the domain name change? If all you really want is the domain name, WordPress.com does have the feature to use the domain name you own while hosting your blog on WordPress.com. It’s on their Premium features as “Be the master of your domain.”

    Other than that, have you looked at SquareSpace as an option? Some people seem to like that as well.

    I’m currently hosting my stuff on Downtownhost.com and haven’t had a problem, but I am currently shopping around as I have an itch to mess with Python which Downtownhost currently doesn’t provide me. Was looking at A Small Orange. Heard some people like them. As for Rackspace. Robert recommended them to me as well, but that’s way out of my price league right now.

    1. Hey John – ya, I was just gonna go with wordpress but it’s not letting me map PixelBits via NetworkSolutions, so I submitted another ticket…such a headache when all I want is to set up my blog!! Actually, the only thing I want to do is add widgets to PixelBits, but whatever.

      Thanks for SquareSpace and downtownhost suggestions – if the WordPress thing doesn’t work, I’ll look into them.

      Happy New Year, btw!

  3. Mona, I know you said you did not want to pay for GoDaddy, and Ive heard the horror stories from some that have used them. But i’ve been using their Economy Linux Hosting (Shared) for three years now, and have NEVER had any problems. I get 10gb space 300gb bandwidth per month for 4.99. I use a blog system called textpattern, but I also have a WordPress installation on there for theme testing, and it has always run smoothly. Now, I don’t know what your monthly traffic is like, but it works for me.

    1. Hey Shashi, thanks for the comment. I received notice that a ticket I submitted has now been escalated. I’m just going to wait for it to be properly resolved. But thanks so much for stopping by.

      Separately, NetworkSolutions should offer the latest version of WordPress; especially because of the security risks…

      Hope you had a great New Year’s and I look forward to seeing you again soon!!

  4. What a series of horror stories, Mona! So sorry to hear of them.

    I’ve been with GoDaddy for my websites and domain names for a while too and generally had a good experience. The techs are very helpful and responsive when I have queries.

    Your experience also reinforces why I’m glad I went with a Typepad blog several years ago rather than a WP one: I hate all the faff around security, upgrading and plugins that get borked etc. I just want to blog when I want to, without wasting time on techy stuff. Thankfully, Typepad takes care of all that and I can still add html script for widgets etc when I need them. Whew!

    For me, GoDaddy and Typepad have turned out to be an excellent, hassle-free combo.

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