I Just Have One Question About Nexus One: Do I need a voice plan?

Will it require a voice plan?

Ok, wait, I should back up.

In case you’re living under a rock, Nexus One launched today. Nexus One is the Google phone. Nexus One comes with GoogleVoice pre-installed. Now, Google Voice does everything a regular mobile number does and more, as you can see from this chart:

But Google Voice needs assignment to a non Google Voice number, in order to do all the neato things a carrier mobile number does. Confused yet? Ya, my head is spinning too — only reason I am trying to decipher the breakdown and understand my options is because I am fed up with over priced craptastic service. ;)

Anyway, what most people don’t know, is that all activated mobile phones on any carrier has a serial number (IMEI for  GSM and ESN or MEID for CDMA/WCDMA) and a mobile number that is attached to that serial number…which means if I were to activate a data only plan, I should be able to associate my Google Voice to the number and have a working mobile phone with a data only plan.

Or simply: I can kick voice plans to the mother flippin’ curb! …in theory, at least.

If Google Voice works on a data only plan, I will SO jump on T-mobile. The price points of data only plans is super reasonable; check it out:

I would definitely need exchange, but T-mobile’s site isn’t updated to reflect options for the Nexus One.

Anyway, I Googled but didn’t see the answer. Can someone familiar with GoogleVoice and the app, confirm if I need a voice plan?

ps: click on the images to jump to respective source / articles
pps: Giz has an amazing GoogleVoice Everything
ppps: Outgoing/incoming phone calls would be made via Skype or Fring (or any mobile VoIP service)
EDIT: mobile Skype is not VoIP! Neither is Google Voice! So our only option is Fring (unless there’s another app we’re unaware of)

UPDATE: As always, the neat convo is on FriendFeed. Here and here.


12 thoughts on “I Just Have One Question About Nexus One: Do I need a voice plan?

  1. The answer is NO. I used the gVoice app on my jailbroken iPhone, and NO minutes were used. It’s an amazing task that I think is a bit underrated with this release. I think you’ll need skypeout minutes for international dialing, but for US calls, you’re good (and minutes free) to go. Hope that helps.

    1. Wait, so you’re saying with a jailbroken iPhone, all I’d need is a data plan from the other GSM carrier and I’d be able to make / receive calls? Sounds wayyyyyyyyyyy too good to be true…

      1. My concern with that is that the gVoice app in Cydia (jailbroken store, if you will) won’t run in the background (although, you can also download backgrounder in Cydia to do that), and I’m not 100% positive how inbound calls are handled. Tell you what…let me try calling myself from my iphone over wifi. Then I’ll call my iphone with my SIM card still out. If it takes the call, you should be good to go. Give me a few minutes.

      2. Hmmpphhh
        Here’s what happened. I dialed the number via gVoice on my unlocked iPhone sans SIM card. To my amazement….the home phone rang! BUT
        Nothing happened on my iphone. I didn’t hear anything. The home phone started playing a message asking me if I wanted to check my voicemail.


        Looks like you will need a low minutes plan for this to work. The iphone version has you enter a number in the dial pad, then it calls your iphone. When you answer, it starts ringing the number you wanted to call. Deal is, my phone didn’t ring because I didn’t have my SIM card in.

        Your mileage may vary, but I doubt it. :/

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