Satellites Orbiting the Earth [infograph] #space

Nigeria has two functioning satellites orbiting Earth. TWO. Looks like the funds collected from phishing scams paid off. On a serious note: 1. check out all the debris the US is responsible for and 2. Russia has a mighty number of defunct satellites just floating ’round.

Wow. Humans are a-holes. No wonder aliens want to blow us up.

Added: Great. Now I can’t sleep thinking about the thousands of debris orbiting Earth, in a gravity well, that’ll eventually fall into the atmosphere. #endofworld


5 thoughts on “Satellites Orbiting the Earth [infograph] #space

  1. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this…also, did you know the thousands of debris are orbiting Earth in a gravity well? THEN they’re eventually going to fall into the atmosphere. :( We are DOOMED.

  2. Aliens cannot attack us thanks to all that trash floating around our skies. It’s our shield of shit :)

    Then if they destroy our “civilization” they have to figure out how to clean all that mess…

    This planet is going to be a garbage dump, so nobody will take it. Maybe we will be the ones in a future to run away from here …
    Anyway, don’t worry about that trash. Sooner or later all the things in orbit will come back home and they will almost 100% get burned in the atmosphere.

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