Reliability of Social Media News [infograph]


Data compiled from Cision and Don Bates of the George Washington University’s Master’s Degree Program in Strategic Public Relations, in which they: “found reporters depend on social media sources when researching their stories – but not at the extent to transform an industry over night.” via Brian Solis’s Immediacy vs Accuracy piece. (Great post, highly recommended read.)

Aside from the great points Brian brings up when I look at the numbers, it greatly troubles me.  Take a look: “55% of the journalists said that social media was “important” or “somewhat important” for reporting and producing stories…”
Yet, “84% of journalists indicated that information was much less and slightly less reliable than traditional media based on the lack of fact-checking, verification and reporting standards.” 

As a person who is not a journalist, I rely on journalists to bring me the most accurate, reliable news — whether on or offline. So if journalists don’t trust digital mediums, where does that leave us?

Another reason why we MUST kick up our critical thinking skills. Must.


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