Oh, well hello there emo blog. What in the world got into me this weekend? My first thought was to delete (or make private) all of these personal posts. Seriously. What was I thinking? In two days, I managed to word vomit all this stuff… and then some. Oh, well. Maybe I will make this a regular practice. As in, weekdays equals nerdy posts, weekends saved for my personal crap? Or perhaps I should make another blog? Oh, I know. I’ll just delete the WordPress app from my iPhone. Invest in a moleskin to journalize the old school way? Maaan. All this thinking is too much effort. I’ll knock off the personal junk and keep this blog ‘formal.’
Naaah. I’ll just be me, and PixelBits will remain the same: random bits of pixels. Welcome to 2010 me. I hope you’ll stay. :)


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