The US Income Gap [infograph]

Um. Wow. How reliable is the US Census Bereau, anyway? Anyone know?


3 thoughts on “The US Income Gap [infograph]

  1. I can’t get over how low those figures are.

    Even the white male figure.

    The average wage for all here (in USD) was 60k in 2007, and likely higher now. If there was ever a better reason for a decent minimum wage in the United States, this has to be it. $5-7/ hr is insane. It’s US$12.85 here, and I’m buggered how ppl can live on that, let alone $5-$7.

  2. I’m still confused as to why the Asian salary is graphed from 2002.

    Something doesn’t seem right, but when I look at the breakdown on WikiP it makes sense.
    Perhaps we are confused since we are associated with those with high incomes? My friends salaries start about 45k and go all the way up to seven + figures…

    Too many variables, the questions won’t stop — I need to understand The United States Census in order to determine.

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