MySpace is My New Space and My Big Move to LaLa-Land!

A lot of people have been asking if I moved to L.A., and I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure. Since last year, I have been contracting with MySpace and only told a few close friends. However, as more people are starting to find out I thought it was time I finally talked (or blogged) about my move and what not.

Are you cringing right now? It’s ok if you are, I completely understand. Heck, almost everyone I told’s first reactions was this hilarious face — like they guzzled a jar of pickle juice type sour face — immediately proceeded with a WHY?!? People have also told me the same bajillion reasons why I am out of my mind to want to work there, followed with the prying: “What’s going on? Are you guys tanking?” etc., etc., so when I say it’s ok, I understand, I do.

However, I am proud and honored to be a part of this phenomenal team and MySpace is far from dead. It’s funny how one of the first things out of people’s mouths are: “MySpace isn’t going to beat Facebook.” and that’s completely ok too, since MySpace isn’t trying to be “a Facebook.” Yes, we are both social platforms but what we leave out of the equation is the most important piece: target audience.

An excerpt from a “MySpace isn’t dead.” piece:

If you check the most recent comscore, MySpace has grown 2 months in a row, and is back up to 120MM users worldwide. That may not sound huge compared with Facebook’s 350MM, but it is still 2X twitter’s audience, and blows almost any other site out of the water. We in Silicon Valley tend to think that when something is not hockey-sticking anymore than it is dead. That is not true. If MySpace lost 1MM users a month it would take 10 years to disappear. That still gives them some time to figure out what to do. (read the rest here.

MySpace still owns the 0-17 and 18-24 age groups. We tend to forget — especially, since we are no longer in those age groups. ;)

I believe in MySpace for many reasons and thrilled to be a part of this organization. The team — my co-workers and bosses — rock my socks off, you have no idea of the collective brain power and charisma (pertinent to leadership roles) this group has. The camaraderie and creative energy is something I definitely want to be a part of. I wish I can introduce you guys to everyone, for they are an exceptional bunch. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with and learn from these individuals, respectively.

There are still many many reasons, product related reasons — most I cannot talk about — all I will say is stay tuned. ;)

So to all of you asking me about my So Cal Foursquare check-ins or L.A. Yelp reviews: Yes, I moved to L.A. for this once in a lifetime opportunity. :) If you are ever in the area (or even live down here) you are more than welcome to stop by. We’ll go have tater tots from @grlldcheesetruk, they come once a week!

ps: there is more after the jump, but it is all personal (sappy) stuff, fyi.

Separately, there is a motherload of people I need to acknowledge and show appreciation to.
My rocks — the ultimate support system up in Seattle who helped me through an extremely difficult time and I cannot thank enough. Shannon and Kristy, especially. I don’t know how I would’ve survived October-January without you guys. Thank you, for being there. Krystyn Chong – girl, you know why. ;) Natasha who never fails to make me laugh, I heart you. Clint, my brother from another mother, Christine, Shauna and Betsy, who have been incredible ears and mentors. Also huge props go out to the LA Tech community for being so great and welcoming me with open arms. Can’t wait to get to know you guys better! A special shout goes out to Dan for connecting me to Mike Jones and for Mike for not passing me off as a nut job and connecting me to the incredible Angela who hooked me up with Sean (phew what a mouthful!) And of course Sean for believing in me from day one. I am so honored to be working with you and can’t believe we’ve ‘known’ each other for almost two years – double u tee F! Everyone needs to meet you and Laurie. STAT.

My heros — mentors, if you will — who have been kind to me for no reason when I first stumbled onto FriendFeed: Dave, LG, Robert, Erin, Dave, Kevin,  Micah, RizznTamar, Sarah, Marshall, Richard… basically the entire RWW team, Duncan, Yama, Zee, Orli, Chris, Jesse, Mark, Leo, Ben, Lucretia, Leslie, Brazell, the entire FriendFeed community (mostly the FF team who are now Facebookers haha oh man, the irony!) and many many many others I am sure I’m forgetting — maaan I hate listing names since I am terrified of leaving people out — but thank you. You guys are inspirations, every one of you, and I will take everything I learned from all of you with me, as I start my new role as Social Media Manager (!).

Also, much props to Jeremiah, Brian, Dan Zarrella, and SEOmoz for consistently providing top notch content (for free!) I have learned so much just reading your blogs over the past few months — so thank you, for all that you do!

90 thoughts on “MySpace is My New Space and My Big Move to LaLa-Land!

  1. I will be referencing both of your works A LOT. Thanks for all that you guys do and contribute and for paving the path for people like me!!

    It’s people like you two who make social media legit :) Can’t wait to see you in Austin, Shannon and Tamar, damnit, when am I gonna see you?!

  2. yay!!! Congratulations on the announcement!! So happy for you and glad the glitter cat is out of the bag ;) (sorry – couldn’t help myself!! lol)
    So I need to plan a visit down for you to show me the LA ropes soon. Hugs chick! Glad to see you’re landing somewhere so amazing even if it did mean leaving Seattle!

    1. I am so bummed you’re not coming to Sx but that means I either have to go to Seattle to get my hair diiiiid or have you come down here before it gets to flippin’ cold. Thanks for the words lady – I miss your EFin face!!!

      1. Dude. Seriously. I’ve been meaning to get down to LA so I say I make that happen AND you come up here. We could go see Tonya together ;) #missyourfacemore

  3. Oh good, now I can finally brag about you and your new gig! Congrats, Mona! Miss your face lots, but LA isn’t *that* far away, right? :)

    1. Marshall – thank you for being kind to me from day one. Though we tend to disagree (re: tech) I am a huge fan of your well thought out, researched posts!

      And you better believe I will kick ass! Thanks for your words :)

  4. Congrats! That’s so awesome but now I’m wondering…since you moved to LA, does that mean I’m moving back to NorCal?

    I hope this means that we may actually meet one of these days!

    1. Thanks so much Sasha – I know you’re down here a lot so we must hang! Sorry I didn’t tell you straight up, didn’t want to say anything until I was sure.


  5. Congratulations! You bring a ton of great energy that MySpace really needs! If anyone can help bring back the luster on that brand, it’s you. Good luck!

    1. Duncan LOL don’t want to start an argument but NO it is not dead! We are and will be a discover and be discovered tool. King of content, that’s us! :)

      Thank you for the words. You are one of my heroes and will always will be; no matter if we agree or disagree!

  6. This is great news, Mona – congratulations!

    And I’ll be looking out for news. I’m still getting friend requests on MySpace and some people I can only find there so I’m relieved to know they are in safe hands.

    Hope you have lots of fun in LA :)

    1. WoH, thank you so much!! I am excited for the future of MySpace and everything we have in store! Can’t wait to share with everyone.

      And I really really really love LA, the weather is gorgeous!

  7. Mad kudos to you Mona. I think there may be hope for MySpace yet if they’re smart enough to have people like you and Sean on their team!

  8. Mona, I can’t help but think this is the perfect move for you. Actually, it’s a perfect move for MySpace — they’re the *real* winner in this situation! All the best – we KNOW you’ll rock this opportunity! :)

    1. Kevin, you don’t even know how much those words mean to me, especially since I have nothing but utter and complete respect for you, your work and basically…everything about you. Thanks again and I will try my hardest not to let everyone down :)

  9. Wow! Congratulations, girl! MySpace got the win on this one! With you on their team, they can only go up.

    All the very best to you and your exciting opportunities.


  10. You are in Santa Monica and I work in Marina del Rey. Let’s hang. Also, keep in touch so we can get you to these meetups. We are now neighbors!!

  11. Congratulations Mona. I know you will tear the walls down at Myspace reinvigorating the brand and propelling it to where it needs to be.

    Keep us all posted & stay in touch!

    1. Omg Mike you’re alive!!! I hope all’s well with you and I will for sure keep everyone posted!

      When I see you and Hutch back to back, I kinda miss the FF glory days. :)

    1. Steven, you are SO far from a cranky old fart. You are amazing, sharp, hilarious and one of the people I completely admire. Hope all’s well with you and tahnk you so much for the words <3

  12. Congrats. I would like to interview you and get some Myspace insights when you have the time. Not everyone thinks Myspace is dead. I know for a fact it’s very popular. Facebook is big for now but anti-Internet, which will hurt them eventually.

  13. Mona:

    Very happy for you. I have always maintained my MySpace account. I am really excited for you, the sky is the limit. You are the perfect person for this moment @ MySpace.

    – hc –

  14. Hey Mona, I am soooo happy for you. Sure the new gig is great and I’m sure you’ll do some great things over there but I’m selfishly even happier that you are now a neighbor down here in LA. I’m gonna have to come by and visit you guys at the office one day. Perhaps for grilled cheese and #tatertots!

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