If you could invite three people to dinner who would you choose and why?

If you could invite three people to a dinner party (alive) who would you pick and why?

How many times have you been asked this question, in how many variations e.g. dead, alive, dead and alive, real or fictitious, etc., and how often does your answer change? That is rhetorical btw. Well I get asked this a lot and my answers change all the time so I’m gonna start documenting.

The other night during dinner with friends, these three sprung to mind first: Larry Ellison, Rupert Murdoch and Kanye West.

Everyone looked at me like I was insane but hey, these are the three people I’d give anything to see interact; imagine the conversation that can unfold.

Larry Ellison, one of the most crazy rogue in tech. Rupert Murdoch representing the fascinatingly crazy from media/entertainment and Kanye West who is just, well, unfiltered, foot in mouth crazy.

These three are so different, yet share the perfect amount of crazy to leave imprints in their respected fields, history and the world. Now whether we agree or disagree with them is a whole ‘nother story.

Who are your choices?


3 thoughts on “If you could invite three people to dinner who would you choose and why?

  1. If I had to choose three people to have dinner with I think my first choice would be president Obama. I’d want to know how he thinks and what makes him so calm that he’s able to avoid going off on senators. The second person would be Glenn Beck just to see his reaction to seeing the president in person. I personally think that Glenn would spend the entire time kissing the presidents ass. Of course he would spend the next day talking about his meeting with a Kenyan Marxist,socialist,communist terrorist. The third person would be Ann Curry because I’m gonna need someone to actually interview the first two guys while I write down everything.

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