New York, New York, Big City of Dreams…

DJ AM (RIP)’s last Tweet before he was found dead in his apartment.

That line is by Grand Master Flash (an 80s rapper)’s song “New York New York” that I’m not gonna lie, never heard before. After DJ AM’s Tweet, I looked up the lyrics and Grand Master Flash’s story -rap- resonated.

I may be reading too deep into DJ AM’s last Tweet, but it seemed fitting that a DJ’s last public words were from another artist. I wonder what DJ AM was going through the public didn’t see. I think about the tragic end to his life and if people remember the message DJ AM left to the world. Continue reading

Ok. Maybe I Don’t Get It. #netneutrality


So last week, I wrote how I finally got it. Fast forward a week with a little more knowledge and I have to confess. I still don’t get net neutrality. Especially after reading NPR’s piece highlighting opposing views.


“Imagine logging on to your favorite band’s website and you wanted to buy something from them directly, and you were just somehow diverted to the ISP’s favorite online music store,”

That is exactly what I DO NOT want.

But then, there’s another tidbit which states tiered pricing is already in effect and wealthier companies like Netfilx, Google (YouTube) and iTunes already pay more to get faster service. So with net neutrality rules, it would harm the Internet…? Another quote:

“They’re saying that we want to preserve the Internet, but in fact, what they’re going to do is change the Internet such that services like YouTube and Netflix won’t work.”

How would net neutrality rules harm the Internet? Why would no net neutrality rules effect the current state of the Internet? Why are individuals, corporations, businesses and entrepreneurs bucketed in the same pricing structure? Shouldn’t we be protecting consumers and small businesses?

Net neutrality is something we all must comprehend to form our opinions…but it’s so confusing. I feel like such a dummy but can someone provide a neutral synopsis, bulleting the pros and cons? The more I read, the more I’m confused.


(Thanks, Marko, for pointing me to the NPR piece. xx)

Oh. Now I Get It. #netneutrality

I kinda got I should care about net neutrality because I love -well live- on the Internet. So I should be ashamed to admit I had no idea what net neutrality was and why I should care.

But I’m not.

I mean look. It’s not my fault most net neutrality articles read like research papers. The worst pieces are the ones that sound like LSAT sample questions. FCC this. Regulations that. Proposals. Rules. House. Senate. Law. Hmmm what?

In one ear, out the other.

Well.Thanks to Fred Wilson’s post here and USV’s post here, I finally comprehend what net neutrality is, why I should care and why you, fellow Internet user, should care too. So click on those links. Stat.

Still here?

Ok fine. How about this. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have Google (Gmail included), Facebook and/or Twitter always open in your browser?
  • Do you go on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video site?
  • Do you stream video on Netflix, Hulu or any other site?
  • Do you download music or movies? (it’s ok to say yes btw, I won’t tell.)
  • Are you an entrepreneur?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, net neutrality applies to you too.

Pretty serious, right?


Ok then how about this: picture the Internet ending up like cable TV or worse, the radio, where the things we (the public) see or hear is controlled by $$$.

Do I have your attention now? Read this

Ugh. The notion of money hungry a-holes trying to destroy the Internet makes me ill. I mean it’s one of the last places where everyone has a voice, no matter who you know, where you come from or what you look like.

So gross.

ps: don’t forget to read this

How to Explain SantaCon to a Four Year Old.

(Photo source.)

For those who don’t know what SantaCon is, it’s a day where people get dressed up as Santa, barhop and sing naughty carols in the streets. Usually, from early morning. It just so happened the day of SantaCon (today) I am babysitting. Despite what you may or may not have heard, I do not eat children -looking at you, Christine Lu!

Now SantaCon is marvelous…if you do not have to answer to a child. Think back to when you were little, before the holiday season meant mean, angry crowds or arguments over what to call it (Kwanzaa…) and how magical all things Christmas was? The decorations. The lights. The sounds. The smells. Remember when all things Christmas was simply wonderful? And of course, the mostest magicalest of all things magical: Santa.

I still remember counting the days, even minutes to that night when Santa flies the skies, sleigh full of presents with his team of reindeer and Rudolph leading the way. Worrying if I was good enough this year for Santa to shimmy down my chimney and leave a present under our tree. If the cookies we left were good enough for Santa to eat, and how I couldn’t wait for him to read the letter I left him. How I would stay up until as late as I could, anticipating the next morning to finally open the present Santa brought me and play with the toy the elves made…
Now picture you as that child who loves Christmas, witnessing obliterated Santas tearing up the city yelling obscenities.

Trauma, anyone?

So you better believe I prepared myself for when the four year old asks: “Why are there so many smelly, loud Santas?” or “What’s wrong with all these Santas who can’t walk straight?” and came up with these answers:

Continue reading

Don’t Be That Guy/Girl. #smartersocial

I love that non tech savvy are getting Androids, iPhones, etc., and Facebooking-Foursquaring-Tweeting more. It makes me feel less nerdy and well, normal (or as close to normal as I can be.) Plus I don’t feel as bad for broadcasting check-ins and the like to Facebook.

HOWEVER. I’m sorry (well not really) but this has to be said.

Am I the only one who doesn’t give a two sh*ts if you’re at Home Depot looking at new toilet seats? Or at Target buying cleaning supplies? Or at the gym the same exact time, every single day?? Seriously. What’s the point???

If you think I’m a hypocrite, think again. It may seem like I mindlessly broadcast, but I pick and choose why I share what with who and how. So unless you want stalkers (knock on wood) and people to actually listen/pay attention to and be interested in you, think before sharing and remember to tweak options! You can still check-in for mayorship purposes without megaphoning everywhere.

For those wondering, Foursquare has a purpose aside from: Hey look at me! I’m outside of my house! It’s great for bookmarking and the tips users leave are super handy. i.e. cleanest restrooms in area, recommended dishes at restaurants, times and days of special deals, where electrical outlets are located (for people who are constantly charging), etc., etc. It’s such a bummer these options are kinda ignored. It’s worth checking out. No pun intended.

So don’t be that person spamming your friends! Think before following trends. #thankyouverymuch