New York, New York, Big City of Dreams…

DJ AM (RIP)’s last Tweet before he was found dead in his apartment.

That line is by Grand Master Flash (an 80s rapper)’s song “New York New York” that I’m not gonna lie, never heard before. After DJ AM’s Tweet, I looked up the lyrics and Grand Master Flash’s story -rap- resonated.

I may be reading too deep into DJ AM’s last Tweet, but it seemed fitting that a DJ’s last public words were from another artist. I wonder what DJ AM was going through the public didn’t see. I think about the tragic end to his life and if people remember the message DJ AM left to the world.

I bring this up because during the holiday season, it seems as though people are even more stressed and miserable than usual. I mean, is gift giving really that important? So serious that people think it’s ok to make themselves and those around them as miserable them? And if their lives are truly that awful, what makes it that bad and why haven’t they done anything to change their current situations??

Other people’s lives are none of my business, but humanity saddens me. Life is too short to waste being unhappy.

So to my friends and Internet family: instead of nit-picking about things you may or may not have, try being thankful for all that you do have. Because really, even if the next person may seem to have more than you, everything is not always what it seems. Just something to keep in mind during these crazy times.

May you and all of your families have a Merry-Happy-Joyous-Kwanazaa-Hanukkah-Christmas-Holiday-[insert whatever you celebrate]

Sincerely, your neighborhood walking fortune cookie. Yes, I realize my personal blog posts keep getting cornier. ;)


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