Mean What You Say. Say What You Mean.

Pick one: love or money?

Seems like such a simple question with a no brainer answer. When I asked my Twitter and Facebook friends, I got a bunch of immediate responses. Of course, most said ‘love’.

After purposely waiting for some time, I then asked:

I’ve had someone choose money (well, a lifestlye) over me – and it sucks. I have and always been a person who places more weight on a person’s abilities to be honest to and with themselves. It’s near impossible for humans to always say what they mean or mean what they say. To me, it’s more about having the courage to be honest with yourselves and those you care about. Though lately, I’m starting to wonder if this is too much to ask of others.

But at the end of the day, I’m with Arrington all the way who expressed it best:

Dear self, permanently bookmark this post as a reminder you choose honesty. That you are honest to yourself and those around you. That there are others like you who can be honest to themselves and those they love. And most importantly, do not ever doubt yourself for having standards and expectations.


(ps: I know the math up there is wrong — silly little thing called details ;))


7 thoughts on “Mean What You Say. Say What You Mean.

  1. When it comes to love or money it is almost always money. We can sit here and pretend that love is awesome but you can fall in and out of love and still move on with your life and live comfortably. You can’t lose all of your money and just move on and live comfortably. There is no way to truly be happy being broke because it does effect every area of your life. Maybe I’m wrong and someone out there will actually truly choose love over money and not just choose love with a person who’s financially stable over love with someone who’s wealthy.

    1. Love — true love — is such a rare occurrence that I will most definitely choose love over money any day. Perhaps I can confidently say this because of personal experiences…

      I look at this exercise as introspection and opportunities for self growth and realizations.

      Thanks as always for reading, T1 :)

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