Evernote Accelerator …and this, is how it should be done

I never post about news but I just couldn’t resist. 

Evernote teamed up with Honda Silicon Valley Lab and DoCoMo Innovation Ventures and launched a month long dev camp for entrepreneurs. 

  1. zero cost to entrepreneurs — they are providing travel, housing and even a stripend
  2. taking zero financial stake — no equity
  3. providing a startup curriculum which includes workshops, mentor sessions and team-building exercises

I mean. This is exactly what an accelerator should be doing. Partnering with companies that have money so there is no cost to aspiring entrepreneurs. Holding a competition to narrow down those who are capable, those who are not. And most importantly, providing global aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to live, work and learn in the Silicon Valley. 

What most people outside of the US don’t realize, is it’s expensive to come to the US — even for a few months just to learn. The rents are sky high, it’s a pain to get around the Bay Area and without a proper network and fundamental understanding of the Bay, it can take up to a month just learning how to get around. What may seem like common sense to native Northern Californians, is really not.

The one thing that shocked a lot of out of town visitors I noticed, was how inconvenient transportation is. People also don’t realize that San Francisco and Mt. View (where Google and Facebook HQ are, for example) is about 30 minutes south of San Francisco (with no traffic) and takes about a good 45 minutes or maybe more on Caltrain (the Bay Area’s dumpy train service). 

Also, the one month period is perfect for international people, as Visas are such a pain to obtain. Certain countries have automatic three month tourist Visa (like Japan and Switzerland for example) but for other countries? A person has to jump through hoops. 

Anyway, just wanted to say kudos to the Evernote team for pulling this together and I really hope it sets the examples for other accelerators to follow suite! Way to bridge the global gap of movers and shakers – what an incredible idea and opportunity. 

To learn more about the program, go to Evernote’s site here.


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