Jeff Yang from WSJ on TC Disrupt

Matt Drance tweeted something poignant: “Always hoped the nerds would beat the jocks. I never thought we’d become them.” But what he and no one else admits is that the proximate trigger for this behavior is the money and entitlement culture that’s sprung up around tech.

So let’s stop acting so surprised. No one wants to talk about it, but events like #Disrupt2013 treat hacking as a big-money sport, and coders as its stars. Which in turn encourages the worst and lowest showboat behavior among those who seek fame–or infamy.

Dangle millions in front of POETS at a show focused on five minutes of sizzle and sensation and you’d get shit behavior–and bad poetry. Which is maybe why so many “demo stars” flare up, raise millions, crash and disappear.

Real talk.

— Jeff Yang, WSJ via here

Love how a legit journalist from a major publication spoke up on this issue.
Read the backstory here.


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