Leadership Starts from the Top


Our cafeteria has very strict rules so there are pictorials plastered on walls to reminds us. Our cafeteria, is also separated into two sides I nicknamed: protein side and carby side.

I tend to lean towards the protein side as the food is generally healthier. I also don’t want to be in food coma status, after gorging on curry rice or ramen or pasta or udon or soba topped with fish or deep fried stuff or massive chunks of meat at lunch. Lately, the carby side has been offering lighter options, so I’m now eating on the carby side vs the protein side.

The protein side’s manager nicknamed “Chief”, is this sour-puss man who stands with his arms crossed, overseeing the operations and ensuring company employees do not break cafeteria rules. I’ve had colleagues whose trays were confiscated for taking two desserts or more tomatoes than we are allowed. The only time I ever see him leave his post, is when he sees someone breaking the rules. He then briskly walk over to the said person breaking a rule, and informs them of their offense. I wish I could say he runs a tight ship, but why sugar coat it? The man micromanages.

The carby side’s manager is this teeny old man with bushy eyebrows. Always smiling, always greeting company employees. Just seeing his face makes me smile so much. He’s always running around, helping out where he can lend a hand.

The cafeteria ladies on the protein side are curt, rarely smiling and don’t even greet people. They are always quick to scold when we break rules — even if I accidentally pick-up three tomatoes with the tong instead of the allowed two.

The cafeteria ladies on the carby side are friendly, laughing, smiley and always greet us. Today, my tongs grabbed three tomatoes and the cafeteria lady just smiled, winked and said “enjoy”.

Two different managers. Two very different employee attitudes.
No matter the trade or organization, it goes to show how everything really does, start from the top and trickles down.

Leadership 101 :)

If you’re interested, I upload photos of my tasty free lunch here.

Bonus: check out this creepy photo to let employees know “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING”


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