Promise vs Reality in Newark, NJ #CoryBooker

When snow blanketed this city two Christmases ago, Mayor Cory A. Booker was celebrated around the nation for personally shoveling out residents who had appealed for help on Twitter. But here, his administration was scorned as streets remained impassable for days because the city had no contract for snow removal.

Last spring, Ellen DeGeneres presented Mr. Booker with a superhero costume after he rushed into a burning building to save a neighbor. But Newark had eliminated three fire companies after the mayor’s plan to plug a budget hole failed.

via NYT

I get it. I mean, I used to be a massive fan of Cory Booker, too…four years ago.  Fast forward four years, the only actions I’ve seen thus far, is his shameless self promotion.

How scalable is tending to every complainer on Twitter? He is not a leader. A leader, sets examples with strategy vs. tactics.

Cory Booker, has also been in city office for seven years. The president of the US of A, is expected to change the country in four. He is only in charge of one city.  Props to him for bringing Whole Foods to Newark but come ON. How does someone like that, get chosen to represent his state?

Ugh. Politics.

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