Japan: This is why you can’t speak English

One of the greatest benefits of riding in packed trains during peak commute hours, is how I can peek on people’s mobile phones to see what apps they are using, what they are browsing. Look at people’s books to see what they are reading. Basically, learning by observing.

I want to say I’m looking at the brighter side of being a sardine in jam packed trains every morning and evening, but I’m gonna keep it real — I’m very curious about Japanese people’s consumption behaviors.

Today, I had the great (dis) pleasure of peeking on someone’s English study guide and was shocked to the shit. I mean, WTF is this???

photo 1

This looks more like an econ text book than an English textbook. Look all those Japanese hieroglyphics, breaking down English grammar!!

So I zoomed into the photo, expecting some complicated business colloquialism.
Turns out, those long-ass explanations were for one simple phrase: “An exciting game.”

What the fuck???

I don’t know about you, but there is no way I’d be able to form and speak basic English sentences, with all that extra noise in the way. I’d be terrified I wouldn’t remember all the learnings and apply them.



One thought on “Japan: This is why you can’t speak English

  1. Hey you got “an exiting game” in Tokyo subways huh … :)
    Ummh its not always you born on English lands… like me ….

    unlike this we have more sophisticated ways to learn English .. but as non native English speaker I must appreciate who try to learn it like this Japanese guy and a publisher who sell this book, and books author , and all name he put as his inspirations ;)

    हर इन्सान के लिये सब कुछ आसन नही होता , नही तो आज सब लोग चांद पे बैठे होते….

    Have a nice day!

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