Japan, Japanese People and Sex

Ok. This is the first and last time I will address this.

Many people are asking about the Guardian article depicting Japan as some weird country with all these bizarre personality problems and sexual issues.

There are many strange things about Japan. Things that make zero sense. Sometimes, the weirdness is just so off the weirdness Richter scale, I don’t blame the world for thinking we are freaks. But look, there are freaks all over the planet. Japanese freaks are simply more visible.

Humans of Earth are so curious about Japan’s weirdness, naturally, our freaky sub-cultures are exposed, mocked and often misunderstood. That’s it. We’re no weirder than any other country. I promise.

Bottomline, Joshua Keating of Slate said it best (backed by a bunch of stats) in his post ‘No, Japanese People Have Not Given Up on Sex’:

 A number of Eastern European countries have lower fertility rates than Japan, but we don’t often see articles portraying Czechs and Poles as sexless nerds.

via here

So don’t worry! Japanese people have not given up on sex!
The End.

*if you’re interested in the original Guardian piece, it’s here

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