Why People Should Care About Viki

My Twitter and Facebook are filled with mostly Americans and Europeans. Americans, only talk about American news (maybe a few China this-and China-that when the FT headlines them). Europeans, are 90% US and a few domestic posts here and there too.

I kind of get the feeling no one really talks about Asia and well, that’s ok. I guess that’s why there is a need on the planet for people like me. I digress, where was I? Oh. Viki. Particularly,Viki and Baidu’s partnership.

This is a BIG DEAL and All Things D nails why:

“Viki, which has already done several partnership deals in China, will be Baidu’s first streaming partner from outside the country, which is important given that big players like Netflix and Google’s YouTube are not represented there.”

Just a reminder, Asia has the largest distribution of world wide Internet audience:

global market

So for Viki, to secure a partnership where YouTube, Netflix, et al., aren’t is certainly a big, big, BIG deal.

I’m just sorry more people, well, don’t really give a two shits.
*FT’s coverage is pretty legit too


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