When Japanese Efficiency Meets Creativity

Lovely example of when Japanese efficiency meets creativity.
From Peatix, the EventBrite from a Japanese startup.

…sadly, I don’t think a lot of venues will adopt, as lines creates the illusion of popularity, which leads to need then ultimately, conversions.

Would love to see US retailers adopt this to prevent Black Friday madness though (for example). And this, is why I still believe in Japan.


One thought on “When Japanese Efficiency Meets Creativity

  1. American retailers will never adopt a system like this to prevent Black Friday type situations because Black Friday means free media coverage. It’s really a constant cycle. A store holds an event where some TV or phone goes on sale for a 60% discount, customers hear of this, they line up to buy new phones, the local news shows up to cover the madness and this in turn gets the word out to more customers who then show up to get said phone at a deep discount.

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