Hi, I’m Mona

I began my career as a product manager for a Fortune 100 B2B enterprise software corporation. I then fell into the business of aligning business objectives to technology. From content marketing, social marketing, paid marketing, to user experience and user interface design to building out strategies, I’ve turned what I love: technology and the Internet, into a paying job. I guess I’m good at it, as I’ve been a part of some neat campaigns for music and entertainment properties. I’m humbled every day I get to do what I love and get paid for it. In my free time I am an advisor to several start-ups, mentor and consultant.

That’s me. About this blog.

Well. PixelBits started because of FriendFeed (backstory is here), where I spent down time posting random photos, links, and articles. After several weeks of FriendFeeding, I was chosen for a spot on some website: http://frienderati.alltop.com/ then from there, things took off. PixelBits appeared on some site called Techmeme a few times. A random post or two was picked up by Reuters and the NY Times… a monster shock for me, since I am FAR from a writer…but anyway, that’s how my social media journey started.

Fast forward to 2014 and I’m who I was in 2008: a simple girl, addicted to the Internet. PixelBits has evolved exactly to its name, bits of pixels — random thoughts on social networking, technology, personal thoughts, and things I find interesting. Now, I mostly focus on Asia.

About the writing.

I once heard a story of how the head of Morgan Stanley’s Emerging Markets spends time on the ground, for months, before drawing conclusions and making moves.

I am not head of emerging markets anywhere nor am I an analyst. I am a technologist.

I’ve lived through one of, if not, the best, times in technology — experiencing the shift of hardware to software, software to web based apps then to mobile apps and now the industry is full circling to hardware. I saw the disruption of music, telecom, hardware and electronic industries. I lived it. Breathed it. Worked in it — and still do. There is nothing I am more in touch with, than technology (even myself).

So yes, my posts are mainly qualitative observations. I depend on multiple analyses and news pieces, blogs and tech blogs, and even Twitter, to stay on top of hot topics.

Right now, there is a lot of focus on Asia.

As someone on the ground in Asia and knows the US market, I hope to bring cultural truths which supports numbers from people who get paid to conduct quantitative analyses.

I love technology. I also have a lot to say; too much sometimes, as I am living in one of the most exciting markets in 2013: Asia.

This blog, is the outlet I dump my thoughts. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I love writing them.

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ps: You do not want to be my friend, you do not want to date me, and if we do, then you’re probably a douchebag as I am a d-bag magnet ;)
pps: Yes, I have a day job and people I respect, think I’m legit. (1, 2)