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21 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello,
    I’m an Italian open source interaction designer and developer and found your blog very interesting, or better I found your point of you interesting :)
    Found you on rejaw now I’m going to add your feed to my google reader list,
    see you soon

  2. Thanks for adding “If the Candidates were game systems” to your blog and linking back to my site. Feel free to link to it anytime. Just give me some credit and link back. ;)
    Austin of the TheRealAustin.net

  3. Hey Mona its superjde. I was wondering how in the world you get all of these awesome links and places that you post on friendfeed.

  4. Arigato kozaimas. Hi Mona, nice work. Found out about your site via geeksonaplane. Will you be there from June 7th to 16th?

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  6. Hello, I will be starting at Rakuten as a foreign entry-level grad next year. I saw your post on sneaky tricks to look busy in a Japanese company… but I would be interested in a different guide: How can you be successful at a company like this?

    My initial thoughts are that if slacking like this is considered normal behavior it can’t be that hard to climb the ranks and get promoted simply because a percentage of the competition are asleep in the toilet half the time…

    Also, I’m aware that Rakuten is quite diverse (at least compared to other Japanese companies) but are there tips and tricks that can be exploited by people who don’t think like a Japanese person? For example I have read that it can be quite a lot like a school in Rakuten and that in some teams people are afraid of their boss. In my experience at school and in life it is possible to befriend these scary boss types everybody is so afraid of, and in doing so gain an advantage over all those who just try to avoid them because they can pull the strings when you need something to happen.

    1. Marcus,

      Thank you for your thoughts and congratulations to you! Must be exciting to start the next chapter of your life… and I understand your concerns as well. I’ve been there. We all have been.

      Rakuten is indeed diverse. We are a massive corporation and every department, team is different. My best advice to you is to go into every situation with zero expectations. It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders with the right fundamentals in place. Any life situation you will face moving forward, will require actions based on your individual experience and skills.

      Listen to what people advise but in the end, the only person who knows the answers to any of the questions you have, is yourself.

      Good luck and feel free to reach out any time!

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