Why You Will Be Disappointed Following Me on Twitter

Thank you for finding me on Twitter, being interested enough to actually read my bio and clicking on this link. In this age of instant gratification, I am truly honored you got this far. We should become real life friends, just for that reason alone.

Anyway, getting right down to the point: you’ll probably end up disappointed following me on Twitter and here is why:

1. I am a homebody and pretty boring. If you are looking for a name dropping, rockstar party animal, sorry! It’s not me. Please follow Perez Hilton or whoever else for that stuff. I live a low-key life (and party privately ;))

2. I do not post photos of myself. Frankly, people who do one a day photos and broadcast everywhere kinda irritate me. That’s what Facebook and Instagram are for. Don’t inundate my stream with your mugs

3. I am honest. Those who know me, know I simply speak my mind. That’s why some say I’m nice. Others think I’m not that nice. I’m just honest. I’m online because I have a lot to say. Not to be popular.

I believe the Internet is one of the few mediums where people can be themselves. I don’t play the fake game and I am the last person to judge or seek confrontation. All I ask is to please extend the same courtesy as I do to everyone: be yourself but be mindful of others.

Still with me? There’s more!

Twitter is my conversation tool, I talk to my friends a lot. I am also really random and Tweet things that amuse me. Sometimes, the things I Tweet are smart but usually, my Tweets are ridiculous and all over the place. From geeky stuff, nerdy stuff, news, stats, charts, graphs, social media news, to current events and even politics, if it interests me, I’ll Tweet it. If you want pure content, follow my G+ or Facebook. The noise to signal ratio is much lower there.

That’s how I Tweet. Now a few points on following / unfollowing.

  • It’ll take me a while to follow you back. I have my Twitter notifications turned off, so unless you talk to me (or @reply me in Twitter speak) I will not follow you back. It’s not personal.
  • If you write on my Facebook wall and demand I follow you back, I will not
  • If I meet you in person and you shout at me to follow you back, I most certainly will not
  • DM me a RT plea one too many times and I will unfollow
  • I do not RT out of obligation — frankly, I find that shameless, pushy and rude
  • I do not follow the unspoken rules of the Internet and rarely take part in Tweet-UPs
  • If you’re looking for love, you’re looking at the wrooong girl.. You do not want to date me. Really, you don’t.

That about covers it. That’s me on Twitter. To learn more about me, read this. Nice to meet you and see you on the Internet!! :)