What to do with your boss’ Facebook request.

So the day comes when you log into your Facebook and see that one friend request you never wanted to see: from your boss.

You stare at it for a few seconds, stuck on stupid, trying to decide what to do. There are a trillion things racing through your head: “Should I accept it? … but what about all my incriminating party pictures? Or the extremely personal things written on my wall – I don’t want my boss to see that! How do I politely decline without getting fired? Should I just pretend I didn’t see it? What if I hit accept and he/she finds out I am sitting on Facebook all day? What should I do? F*CK.”

There is only one answer: Deny.

It doesn’t matter if your partying days are long over and incriminating drunk photos are irrelevant to you. Or you live the most conservative life style, and  a complete open book. Remember, all it takes is one photo, comment, or wall comment to tarnish your reputation FOREVER. People are judgmental and unforgiving. The best option here is to ignore, deny, or pretend you never saw the request.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

However, some people have bosses that follow up on their request. If they do, here are a few suggestions to get you out of that extremely awkward situation:
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URGENT: I’ve been robbed and need help.

Imagine logging into Facebook and seeing a friend’s status message set to the above. What would you do?

Joaquin Grech saw his friend’s status message set to an urgent cry for help and immediately logged on to Facebook chat to ask: “What can I do to help?” The “friend” told him how she was robbed at the airport, needed to get back home, and asked him to wire her $600 to a certain address.

Luckily, Joaquin decided to ask questions confirming her identity before transferring the funds. When the “friend” couldn’t answer his questions, he knew her account was hacked and commented on her status message: “XXX’s account was hacked. Don’t send money.”

The hacker, deleted him from the account to prevent him from warning more people. At this time, he and I have no idea if people fell for it or if the scam artist received money. But the fact remains: her account was hacked and people may have been scammed.

The problem with Facebook is this:

Only after I Googled, revealed this phishing scam is old news. TechCrunch covered it on the 20th and WSF (Wall Street Journal) covered it yesterday.

Facebook knew of this scam for over three full business days. Why haven’t we been notified by Facebook?
How many people need to be scammed before Facebook finally notifies us? Well we’ll soon find out — on the six o’clock news. Unacceptable.

Rant Warning: F*ckin Facebook, You Smart MotherEFers

facebook-customized-imgjpg-jpeg-image-512x302-pixelsFacebook is filled with some smart ass motherfuckers.

They came right when Gen XYZ (or whatever we’re called) became fed up with Myspace. You know, the other clusterfuck site where people’s personal spaces are overloaded by Flash and glitter? Where profile pictures are simply shameless and the nicknames are atrocious. I swear, if I see another: ~tHeOnEuLoSt~ and 2GooD4U I will slit my wrist a trillion times over (that’s just an analogy, I am not suicidal)

In came Facebook and sold us. Their users are real people with real information. Not only did they grab the fed up on Myspace crowd, they created an avenue everyone and their mothers (literally) can use.  They filled a need.

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HOLY CRAP My “Back to the Old Facebook” Posts are Featured, WTF?

My EFin blog is featured on WordPress.com. WTF?! And how in the HECK did that happen?! Wow. Thanks, everyone for visiting…? I don’t know what to say except I am glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand the new Facebook.

Anyway, to get the Old Facebook back, click this:
http://www.new.facebook.com/FacebookPreviews? fbnew_opt_out=1 (Thanks Honor)

Btw, my other Facebook posts:

Hope that helps!

R.I.P. “Old” Facebook. Looks Like We’re Stuck With the New One.

edit 9/13/08: To get the Old Facebook back, click this. ;)
I logged into Facebook right now and saw this:

Please say it isn’t so!!

Look, I tried the “new” updated one, I really did. But it is an unintuitive mess. There is just way too much going on. Tabs are here, there, and everywhere. The invitations for stupid applications GALORE are always IN MY FACE! At least with the old one, I can ignore them.

Plus, it takes too damn long to load and crashes my browswers! (Firefox 3 and Safari) Do Not Want doesn’t even begin to express my sentiments for the new one. I’m extremely unhappy and quite irritated that Facebook is no longer giving us a choice to use the old one.

Can someone link me to the petition? And will the petition… actually DO something?