Surprise! A DIY Sushi Concoction That Isn’t Gross

img_7265a Remember how I pissed off the maker of the most disgusting looking homemade sushi mess? Well – surprise! These sushi cupcakes look good enough to eat, serve, and well… show-off. Actually, they are quite phenomenal and as awesome as the iPhone cupcakes.

Vivian of vpennyw made these cupcakes for John – her bf? husband? oh, who cares, these things are EFin amazing and whoever John is, is a very very VERY lucky man.

From her blog:

“Pretty much vanilla and lemon cupcakes and vanilla frosting… then black/green fondant for seaweed… and coconut or white sprinkles for “rice”..

As for the toppings..
Jellybeans for the “eggs” (upper right)
a piece of lemon cake for the Tamago (Egg) Roll (lower Right),
A mini marshmallow, a few sour straws, and pieces of gummy worms for the California Roll, (upper middle),
A cut berry gummy for the Tuna Roll (lower middle),
Cut-up orange gummy slices for the Salmon (upper left)
Cut-up peach gummies for Tuna (middle left)
And Food-color-spray-painted marshmallows for the Shrimp (lower left)…”

Simply, amazing.
(Thanks, Jill)

LEGO Mini Fig WTF: A Truly Sad and Bizarre Tale

legoWhen I first came across the headline: “Woman Gets Confusing Box of LEGO Parts” via Geekologie, I thought: What a bunch of dramatic people. It’s EFin LEGO, figure it out. When I opened the page, I understood.

From afar, the left picture should be a representative of happy. It’s simply a family of LEGO mini fig(mini figures)s dressed in a cacophony of happy colors. Pinks, blues, whites, baby blues – normally hues of rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, cup cakes, and whatever else makes a person feel warm and fuzzy.

Completely and utterly harmless – right?


Take a look at this:

lego2What ARE those?  What characters do they represent? Were they leftovers? Factory rejects?  Seriously, why would the LEGO rep put together “an army of angry LEGO mini fig cross-dressers” and send it the The Bloggess? That up there is beyond a LEGO WTF. It is a box of mini fig TRAUMA.

Farewell sweet childhood memories.

(ps: Thank you, The Bloggess, for the biggest laugh in a while. These fuckers randomly popped in my mind this morning, swore I re-blogged a while back, but couldn’t find it in my archives so I’m posting it now. This is PURE GOLD)

March of the (Edible) Penguins (!)

Recently, I’ve taken a slight fascination to waffles – only slight, since my number one breakfast food of choice is bacon, of course. But man, this little penguin waffle maker gives me incentive into becoming a… waffle connoisseur?

Oh, who am I kidding. These are just cute. And I want them because I love penguins, and I want my breakfast waffles to… march!

More pictures after the jump. link -Thanks, Andypandybearatelo! :) Oh, and please excuse the excessive parentheses in the title. Today is a parentheses kind of day!

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Red Pill, Blue Pill, 1UP Pill? Either Which Way -WANT!

Whenever I see a little blue or red pill, Matrix, Morpheus, and tight black leather immediately comes to mind, but these suckers (no pun intended) may flip what I know. The Mario mushroom awesomeness is in a set of three and the site description reads they’re mints, but sour…? Which is a tad confusing for me. I’ve never had sour mints before, have you?

Oh well, who cares. It’s 1. Mario related and 2. mushrooms (especially the 1UP mushroom is all sorts of WIN) so even if the candy inside sucks ass, I’d be left with the containers. OH yes.

The three are $11.99 USD. Buy them here.

Quit Selling This Bastard Off-Spring Bootleg LEGO

15524614_00_bFor those who know me, you KNOW I am ALL about LEGO. My feed (on FriendFeed) is FILLED with LEGO. I kinda slack here, but there are LEGO posts, too. My hero? Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo, who went to the EFin LEGO factory in Europe. (OMG OMG OMG!!). And my biggest dream was to build the mother f*ckin 3.8k Death Star w/ Chris Pirillo.

I am FAR from a LEGO hater. BUT this thing is just… WRONG.

It doesn’t even look like LEGO! It’s generic, there’s something wrong with the finish, and the colors are simply ATROCIOUS.

It sorta reminds me of a missile pop or dollar store 4th of July decoration… on further thought, it’s like a patriotic cake gone horribly wrong. That thing pictured, truly hurts my feelings.

Urban Outfitters, please quit spreading this ugliness. LEGO is way too sacred to be tainted!!!!!!!


The Lego Minifig Timeline – OMG

Ok, this is an emergency: “HEAD OVER TO GIZ STAT” post. Gizmodo put together a LEGO Mini-fig timeline — with a gallery. I have been mesmerized for the past 15 minutes. Seriously. Jesus Diaz (my FAVORITE Gizmodo writer) is my hero.

Take a look at this (points below)

Reason No. 99827349273938472 Gizmodo RULES.
Thanks for the heads-up Josh. You are awesome.
via Exclusive: The Lego Minifig Timeline

‘No Key’ QWERTY Keyboard: Peripheral Hotness – sigh –

Glass surface inputting is the new hotness for almost every gadget maker today. From from the iPhone to Microsoft’s Surface technology, flat is where it’s at. Introducing the flattest full size QWERTY keyboard to date, “No-key Keyboard” by Kong Fanwen. Consisting of just a glass surface, camera and lighting, this alternative keyboard concept will use the latest motion capture technology to watch your fingers nervously select just the perfect smiley for your online bantering.

– sigh –
Too bad it’s still a concept.
– double sigh –