Beautiful People, Ugly Site. Oh, the Irony

I got sucked into signing up for a lame site / app. It’s apparently the ‘new Tinder’ but a more selective version, as people of the opposite sex need to vote you in to become a member.

So I log-in, create an account and am immediately judged by the opposite sex.



The first thing I notice? How dare an app that’s not even optimized for the iPhone 6/6+ judge me. The app’s text is so massive it looks like an old person phone where the font is blown-up so large, one text message hogs the entire screen.

The more I think about it, the stupider this app seems so I delete it from my phone. Not even 10 seconds later I get an email notification: “Someone is checking out your profile.”

Um what? Deleting the app doesn’t delete my profile? Great.

So I log onto their website and…


Holy 1999. This service just took some button .gif off stock images or something, didn’t even bother cropping it. Even kids on MySpace had better graphics than that up there on their clunky HTML pages. Jesus. And don’t even get me started on the font.

Maybe it’s just me but for a service to brand themselves as ‘exclusive’, their attention to detail – or lack thereof – is quite shameful. I’m embarrassed for them and hope this service burns to the ground.

What a crock of shit.

There’s optimism. Then there is coddling. #Japan

Saw on Twitter that Sony has slashed their profit forecast by 40%, after poor Q2 results 1

Google News in English, search results are of course all about the profit cuts.
See? (points below)
Sony US

The news in Japanese? Is a crock of shit.

Sony Japan

This is at 6:02 +GMT (Japan time) — two hours after they announced lowering forecast.

Top headline from Oct 14, 2013 reads “Sony accelerating to 3rd global smartphone brand” followed by a bunch of bullshit about their eReader.

This is TWO hours after they announced Q2 losses.

The Japanese media failing to deliver information — good, bad or indifferent — is a bit…bizarre.

I’m going to keep checking, to see if or when the Japanese outlets will report. Maybe it’s cultural differences but I just don’t get this rose colored glasses mentality, where sugar coating hard facts are accepted (cough-Nintendo-cough)

I’m so afraid that coddling will be the ultimate downfall of this country; no matter how resilient the Japanese are.

DISCLAIMER: please excuse the Windows — my work computer is a X1 Carbon on Win7 T_T

UPDATE 11/01/13

Finally, about 12 hours later, there are three news sources that covered Sony’s losses. Bloomberg Japan, CNET Japan and one Japanese publication, IT Media. Sony, is one of Japan’s icons. Their continuous downfall should be a massive wake-up call to Japan.

I believe in optimism but I also believe in knowing the full truth, assessing the situation realistically, finding a solution and working towards the solution.

Directly communicating harsh realities, isn’t the ‘Japanese way’ but this sugar coating, is very troublesome. I hope this country wakes up soon, accept hard facts and figuring ways to move forth.

Or maybe, the Japanese way is to stay in its protective, isolated bubble.

Promise vs Reality in Newark, NJ #CoryBooker

When snow blanketed this city two Christmases ago, Mayor Cory A. Booker was celebrated around the nation for personally shoveling out residents who had appealed for help on Twitter. But here, his administration was scorned as streets remained impassable for days because the city had no contract for snow removal.

Last spring, Ellen DeGeneres presented Mr. Booker with a superhero costume after he rushed into a burning building to save a neighbor. But Newark had eliminated three fire companies after the mayor’s plan to plug a budget hole failed.

via NYT

I get it. I mean, I used to be a massive fan of Cory Booker, too…four years ago.  Fast forward four years, the only actions I’ve seen thus far, is his shameless self promotion.

How scalable is tending to every complainer on Twitter? He is not a leader. A leader, sets examples with strategy vs. tactics.

Cory Booker, has also been in city office for seven years. The president of the US of A, is expected to change the country in four. He is only in charge of one city.  Props to him for bringing Whole Foods to Newark but come ON. How does someone like that, get chosen to represent his state?

Ugh. Politics.

Oh. Now I Get It. #netneutrality

I kinda got I should care about net neutrality because I love -well live- on the Internet. So I should be ashamed to admit I had no idea what net neutrality was and why I should care.

But I’m not.

I mean look. It’s not my fault most net neutrality articles read like research papers. The worst pieces are the ones that sound like LSAT sample questions. FCC this. Regulations that. Proposals. Rules. House. Senate. Law. Hmmm what?

In one ear, out the other.

Well.Thanks to Fred Wilson’s post here and USV’s post here, I finally comprehend what net neutrality is, why I should care and why you, fellow Internet user, should care too. So click on those links. Stat.

Still here?

Ok fine. How about this. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have Google (Gmail included), Facebook and/or Twitter always open in your browser?
  • Do you go on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video site?
  • Do you stream video on Netflix, Hulu or any other site?
  • Do you download music or movies? (it’s ok to say yes btw, I won’t tell.)
  • Are you an entrepreneur?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, net neutrality applies to you too.

Pretty serious, right?


Ok then how about this: picture the Internet ending up like cable TV or worse, the radio, where the things we (the public) see or hear is controlled by $$$.

Do I have your attention now? Read this

Ugh. The notion of money hungry a-holes trying to destroy the Internet makes me ill. I mean it’s one of the last places where everyone has a voice, no matter who you know, where you come from or what you look like.

So gross.

ps: don’t forget to read this

Don’t Be That Guy/Girl. #smartersocial

I love that non tech savvy are getting Androids, iPhones, etc., and Facebooking-Foursquaring-Tweeting more. It makes me feel less nerdy and well, normal (or as close to normal as I can be.) Plus I don’t feel as bad for broadcasting check-ins and the like to Facebook.

HOWEVER. I’m sorry (well not really) but this has to be said.

Am I the only one who doesn’t give a two sh*ts if you’re at Home Depot looking at new toilet seats? Or at Target buying cleaning supplies? Or at the gym the same exact time, every single day?? Seriously. What’s the point???

If you think I’m a hypocrite, think again. It may seem like I mindlessly broadcast, but I pick and choose why I share what with who and how. So unless you want stalkers (knock on wood) and people to actually listen/pay attention to and be interested in you, think before sharing and remember to tweak options! You can still check-in for mayorship purposes without megaphoning everywhere.

For those wondering, Foursquare has a purpose aside from: Hey look at me! I’m outside of my house! It’s great for bookmarking and the tips users leave are super handy. i.e. cleanest restrooms in area, recommended dishes at restaurants, times and days of special deals, where electrical outlets are located (for people who are constantly charging), etc., etc. It’s such a bummer these options are kinda ignored. It’s worth checking out. No pun intended.

So don’t be that person spamming your friends! Think before following trends. #thankyouverymuch

Why Newark Deserved the Challenge Grant from Mark Zuckerberg

You know. I’m glad the public is aware of the education crisis in America and I’m not gonna lie, Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah are the reasons people finally, well, seem to care. I can not be happier. What makes me sad are the cynical comments.

Mark Zuckerberg doing good for positive press because of some movie — ok, fine. The timing is bad and I can see why people would think that, but you guys. What motivation do Mayor Cory Booker or Governor Chris Christie have? Have any of you actually been to Newark? Or New Jersey? (Teterboro and EWR don’t count.)

So I challenge all of you, on the Internet, to please learn more about why Newark deserved the grant before spewing negativity. Here are some resources to get you started: The Oprah clip: click this. Mark Zuckerberg’s thoughts: click here. My first hand experiences in New Jersey and thoughts: click this one. Slightly outdated round-up of Mayor Cory Booker’s background and accomplishments is here. More on the challenge grant via the WSJ. The thread where I posted that comment is on StartupEducation’s FB fan page. Click this to see the thread and while you’re at it, fan the page. Follow along. Then decide to critique.

Thank you.

Harvard Library Tweets Books Checked Out but One Problem

Harvard University put up a beautifully executed site where the books checked out from their five respective libraries are aggregated, Tweeted and integrated with their proprietary catalog database (Hollis)

Fascinating and educational, as I am always looking for new ways to learn. Times like these I fall in love with the Internet allllll over again.

However. Where do past Tweets go? How do I pull up archives?? Am I the only one who wants more than real-time data???

There are ways to look up and archive my data (Tweettake, BackUp-ify, even FriendFeed) but there are so many neat Twitter API based services. Such a bummer there is no efficient search or archive.

Anyone have suggestions or methods they want to share?

Dear #startups Don’t Be Guilty of This Crime

Customer development is a fancy way of saying: I’m requesting a free brain picking session to better my product!

Look, I get it. I respect the start-up hustle. I also love helping people out but I have a day job. A very time consuming day job. So if you don’t sell me, I will turn down your request to save us both time. It’s not personal. It’s that if I say I’m going to do a customer development session, I will

  1. be interested in your product
  2. dedicate time
  3. provide as much well thought out feedback and sound advice

Because of 1-3, I refuse fulfilling development calls as favors for friends and this is why.

A few weeks ago, I made the enormous mistake of agreeing to a development call as a favor. This is how the conversation started:

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Those who follow Christine (@ChristineLu) Viv (@vivowang) and I across our respective social networks, probably got inundated by photos today. I’m sorry -well not really- but too bad. If it takes something gimicky as three Asian chicks to raise awareness, then so be it.

It’s 2010. Fighting for equality should not be. Our predecessors have fought that battle. Aren’t there issues other than equality we should all be fighting for?

I can’t believe people are still afraid of things they do not understand. So if it takes link baiting with photos to spread awareness, again, so be it. My hope, is that one more person participates, uploads their photos, shares with their social graphs to help the cause.

Change isn’t going to happen overnight, but it’s these little victories that add up to eventually, change. Or in this case, acceptance.

These are the times I appreciate the power of social media and inspired by those using these tools to fight good fights. To learn more about the NOH8 campaign, click this: THIS.

For those interested, there’s more after the jump (photos and text.)
Christine shared her (very personal) thoughts here: HERE.

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Proof Number of Followers Don’t Matter on Twitter

It’s frustrating to see so much weight placed on follower count, but articles like these give me a glimmer of hope. From AdAge:

“[…]But his first round of magazine-cover appearances suggest that the conversion rate between dollars and tweets is still pretty unclear. And not everyone, it seems, can cash in yet.

The issue sold just more than 1 million copies at newsstand, about 20% below the newsstand average for early issues this year and 20% below its newsstand average in April 2009.

People’s later cover with Sandra Bullock, who doesn’t appear to have a Twitter account but does have an Oscar, sold more than twice as many newsstand copies.”

Separately, there was an article in HBR today dissecting Twitter followers and how it correlates to influence.

Totally gonna toot my own horn, but I’ve been saying since lord knows when: Grow out of the Tila Tequila mentality. Follower count does not equate to influence. If 3 million people are following, but no one is listening, are you popular and not an influencer? Why didn’t Beiber’s People issue sell more than Sandra Bullock’s issue? Does popularity equate to conversion? Or even reach?

Only time will tell, but me? I’d rather have a fraction of followers who actually engage. I think it’s time we re-think the terms: influencer and popular. #fridayfoodforthought

Ignite LA Kinda Sucked #igniteLA

I sat on this post a day for I did not want to be the a-hole slamming such an amazing event, but two days later, I still stick by my initial thoughts: IgniteLA sucked.

Technical difficulties, it happens. Cruddy venue with sticky carpets and not enough chairs… hey, that happens too — especially since the event is free. But everyone I know who attends Ignites leaves…ignited. It was so disappointing how the night kicked off with a huge plug from APOC – USC’s New Media graduate program. The speaker, lectured us on the digital age, about how we are connected via Internet more than ever and how things go “viral” through Internet communities. Then. THEN she ended her speech by plugging her program and telling us graduates intern at top tech companies like Yahoo!. Uhhhhhhhhhhh okay. Whatever you say, lady, but most of us there are already eating, sleeping and breathing the Internet. Know your audience, Public Speaking 101. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Ignites about charging creativity, showcasing original, obscure people in the community…? That presentation set an unfortunate tone to the night.

Another huge bummer: IgniteLA’s site is under construction. That happens, sure, but the site is in Flash. Flash. FLASH. Really? REALLY? The least they could’ve done was put up a schedule or list of speakers. I only remember three of the speakers and that’s because they are my peers or friends of friends. What about the people who attended for the first time? How are they supposed to connect with the speakers?

Aside from a few presentations, I wish the content was vetted more carefully. There were some bizarre bizarre presentations, including one with the slide: RED. WET. HARD. (LOL) and it almost seemed like the organizers were showcasing their personal friends (most of the speakers were introduced as “My very very very good and amazing amazing friend x and x.”) The ones who weren’t their friends, were introduced with a disclaimer: “The next speaker came highly recommended by “so and so.” So weird. Frankly, I don’t care who a person is, who they know, who they are connected to, or where they they come from. Just give me awesome content. The most troubling was how the final slide of all the presentations didn’t have any of the speakers’ Twitter names or URLs.

On top of that, there was no Ustream, no official hashtag, and hardly anyone was live Tweeting. Perhaps I am spoiled by the caliber of the other Ignites, but LA is a great city with so many collective creative minds, it was a shame this Ignite left me wanting more UMPH.

Maybe next time, I guess…? (Well, I hope.)

added: Natasha and LaLaWag were underwhelmed too… #justsayin

Dear New Jersey, I don’t like you

New Jersey. Ever been?

If you haven’t, that’s okay — most only go to the airports. Heck, I was one of those too. Newark International Airport is so close to Manhattan, when I lived in The City, I used to fly out of Newark a lot — more often than I can remember. I’ve only been through the actual city of Newark once, only because I was lost. It was around 2003 when I just moved to the East Coast from California, and I still remember the sad sights, the racial slurs, and how terrified I was. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could and never ever return.

Along with my Newark trauma, it took almost a year to adjust to East Coast life. You see, I was guilty of living in the California bubble — for a lack of a better term — and realized how rainbows and butterflies California is after I lived out of state. I rarely experienced racial divide. I am Asian (Japanese), and in California —especially in the SF Bay Area— blatant racism is non existent. People never outright called me names until I got to the East Coast. Why people thought it was ok to say “go back where you came from” or call me derogatory names was beyond me. I couldn’t understand why strangers hated me so much.

Another huge adjustment was witnessing socio-economic divides on a daily basis. In California, our cities are separated —or shall I say segregated— and the socio-economic lines are rarely blurred. Ghetto? What ghetto? Oh, urban areas I mean; don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by being politically incorrect.

I was raised in a wealthy area and my friends and I were taught to stay within our city and area limits. Everyone abided except me. I’ve spent time in Hunter’s Point, EPA, and the Mission — areas that are predominately Black, Mexican, Samoan or Tongan, and was never afraid of walking down the streets. Scared, maybe, but never afraid. On the East Coast, there are parts where I am terrified of my well being (i.e. deep in Brooklyn or New Jersey.) The more states I visit, the more I realize California is a very special place

So coming from that, the cross country move was a huge adjustment and the East Coast felt like a whole ‘nother world. I was baffled, angry, then frustrated by clearly affluent people turning blind eyes to their surroundings. I went through a phase of yelling my disgust at the limos and town cars (in my head) shuttling privileged people who only care about themselves and their personal wealth. Granted, it’s not their faults, as capitalism is what our country is built on but I just couldnt help but wonder: Wtf is wrong with you? Our country is falling apart, why aren’t you helping to fix it? Why don’t you care? To me, the ignorance is equivalent to flipping off our country, everything it stands for and inadvertently disrespecting what our ForeFathers fought for: Freedom. Liberty. And justice for all. Then after I adjusted to life on the East Coast, my anger turned into sadness. I couldn’t and still can’t understand why so many people simply do not care.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh. New Jersey.

Wow. New Jersey. Where do I even begin? After my first encounter with Newark, I’ve been back to various cities for several reasons. Nothing prepared me for the sights of Camden, Trenton, Jersey City (the otherside of the Turnpike) and Newark. Don’t get it twisted, I have seen my share of the ghetto. I’ve been to the heart of Baltimore MD. You know, The Wire? Have friends residing deep in predominately Black areas of Brooklyn, where the only Asian person runs the local Chinese restaurant behind bullet proof windows. I’ve been down South — New Orleans, South Carolina, and a few other states, as well as Detroit — like the hood of Detroit. Even after all of my visits to different parts of the country, New Jersey, is the only state I never want to return to.

Am I making you uncomfortable? Are you judging me? Do you think I am being dramatic? Well, take a look at those cities in Google Image Search. Here we have Camden, Trenton and Newark – photos don’t lie. I haven’t stepped foot back in those three cities since 2005ish and the images are still burnt in my mind.

The cities (outside of downtown) were mostly flat, and rundown buildings were stretched for miles on out. When I close my eyes and picture the streets, I still get overwhelmed by the sadness and helplessness  — almost like claustrophobia from the thought of being stuck, as the same questions circle in my head: How is it okay the streets are scattered with broken glass, flat tires, garbage, and…filth. Why do the citizens hate me so much they think it is ok to call me racist names? And what about the children? Do the kids know there is a whole world, just waiting to be explored by them? That they can achieve anything they put their minds to?? How do the residents…find hope?

On and on the questions continue and it is frustrating how there are no answers. So it’s not really New Jersey I don’t like. It’s our people, our government, and the state of this country that I really don’t like. And the worst part, is that I don’t know how to make it better.

@Dreamhost and @netsolcares Double FAIL

Ok. Don’t laugh, but I finally decided to register a domain and host my blog back in December.

My first choice was Dreamhost, what a big mistake. Long story short, their site kept redirecting me to some Dreamhost App panel thing (with a broken URL) because I needed to sign up and consolidate something in order to create an account.

Uhhhh, what? I just wanted to register a domain and sign up for a hosting package…

Since general consensus stated Dreamhost was awesome, my heart was set to sign up with them. It was a bummer no matter how many which ways I tried, Dreamhost kept telling me the app panel thingy with the broken URL was required as the first step. Fine, whatever,  so I launched the chat app for live help. After waiting for a live person for what seemed to be an eternity (ok, about 45 minutes – not even exaggerating @Kristy is my witness), this happens:

After waiting and waiting and waiting, the person who was helping me, ended the session. Now I am not sure if there were technical difficulties or connection issues or what but way to reassure new customers, Dreamhost! I don’t care what any of my trusted friends said: I was over trying to sign up with them.

Back to square one.

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Bloggers are Turning into Farmers

By farmers, I mean linkfarmers.

Lifestream, aggregator, consolidator…fancify it all you want, I am sorry (well, not really) but am I the only one who is sick of these so-called blogs that:

  1. have close to zero original content
  2. collects activity around the Internet i.e. YouTube favorites or “love”d songs on, photos from Flickr, Smugmug, etc., etc.
  3. pulls in every Tweet – even the ones that make no sense i.e. @namedrop it was so good seeing you, @anothernamedrop @andanothernamedrop @andonemorenamedrop OR #FollowFriday @ilovemybf @ilovemusic @ilovefood @ilovetakingpicturesoffood @omgwtfbbqbacon

Enough is enough.

These so called blogs packed to the brim with any or all of the above, is not a blog. It is a landing page; or simply a linkfarm. Which make those guilty of linkfarming, farmers. And shame on any linkfarmers (you know who you are), if you call yourselves bloggers, because a blogger you are not.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to dictate how people should use their own spaces, but please, out of respect for those who have been doing it for kinda sorta a long time and doing it well? Calling a linkfarm a blog and a linkfarmer a blogger is insulting.
Hey linkfarmers, where’s the original content?
Do you really want to keep encouraging instant gratification?
Where is the substance?

Or do you linkfarmers know something I don’t know; if so, do share. Because for the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would call their  linkfarm a blog.

3 Reasons I Hate Tweetups

Oh yes I AM blogging ’bout this.
After several Tweetups, I’ve noticed the same things happening over and over and I am no longer keeping my piehole shut. So to all who go to Tweetups, PLEASE FLIPPIN’  READ.

1. Organizers: please, I beg you, pick a place where the music is not super duper loud – especially during conferences.

Am I the only one who repeatedly have these conversations?
Person: “Hi I’m adlskjfd.”
Me: “What?”
Me: “WHAT??”
<Person: “WHAT???”
Me: (gestures to phone and shows Tweetie, as if to Tweet me)
Person: “OK!”
Not sure about you, but the reason I go to swanky bars and pay for overpriced drinks at conferences is to meet and connect with those I’ve been interacting with online in, you know, person. I am tired of losing my voice just to learn someone’s name. Especially after a conference where the yelling happens three or four days in a row.
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Tweetie 2 isn’t free – so what. Quit whining.

Seriously, you guys? So WHAT if Tweetie isn’t free.

Hold on, hold on, let me back up. Earlier, Patrick (whom I ADORE) over on Just Another iPhone Blog snagged an interview with the Tweetie creator to address the pricing issue. Apparently, there are people who are unhappy Tweetie is going to be a paid upgrade. (Patrick’s interview was awesome btw – even goes into upgrade, what an upgrade means to developers, etc., etc.)

Now I am definitely a cheap Asian when it comes to certain things. One of the most popular posts over on PixelBits (my geek blog) is the “How I Got Two iPhone Apps Refunded” post –and I was happy to share the information.


I am a firm believer of getting value out of my hard earned money – if the ratio is imbalanced, I am not afraid to ask for money back. In this case, Tweetie is one of the best Twitter iPhone apps and it’s really annoying how people are complaining about shelling out 3bucks.

Three. EFin. Dollars.

That’s like…two bags of gummi bears. A pint of beer. Three bags of 99cent chips. A cup of stinkin’ coffee. What the hell, people. Can we have some perspective, please? Do y’all realize how much time and effort goes into developing an app?

I’m sorry (well not really) but all you whiners please: SHUT YOUR TWITTERHOLES.
Thank you and have a great day.

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Advertisers: Rethink Your Ad Models or GTFO.

(image via Natalie Dee)
Oh yes I AM blogging about this – and the saddest part is the 99.9999999% chance these people aren’t even going to see this.

Let me back up. So the other day, an advertiser contacts me with a laughable proposition. I asked how (s)he calculated rates and this is what they came back with:

We price against television and $32/1000 views is a bit more expensive than the average for a 30 second spot on popular prime time television. Since we’re trying to compete for dollars with brand advertising dollars, it’s hard to go considerably higher than that.

…thank goodness email exchanges aren’t real time video, for I LOLd at that explanation.
It’s hilarious how people seriously compare traditional broadcasting rates to Internet rates.

In 2009, how much are traditional broadcasting ads truly worth?
Think about it:

Traditional broadcasting:

  • One distribution channel
  • DVR / Tivo read: ads are skipped
  • Ads are broadcasted only during time purchased


  • Content lives forever
  • Several distribution channels via aggregators
  • Google juice; niche audience + key word searches

Think about that, figure out a new model, then approach me. Sorry (well not really) but it’s not my job to teach “Strategic Monetizing in the Digital Age 101”.

Dating 101: Just Say NO to Digital Hickeys

Picture 1-1
Remember hickeys? I do.

I’ve had two hickeys my whole entire life and both were pretty unpleasant experiences. The first, I was around 14ish (I think) and happy to finally be included in the hickey club. All the cool kids were in that club, so I felt cool too…until I realized how much effort was required to hide the damn thing. It hit me early on, that outside of school hickeys were just big, purple, markings faaaar from cool and well…simply gross. I stopped talking to the guy who gave it to me and made it clear to those who came after him, if they dared even attempted leaving a hickey, I’d drop kick them in the head.

The second, was in my early 20s.
I was going on an all girl Vegas trip and my bf at that time left the biggest, meanest, purplest, most disgusting hickey on my left neckline a day before the trip. I remember the shock of being so caught off guard. We were in our 20s. Who leaves hickeys? WHO? …and (really) blurted out of irritation: WTF am I? A frickin’ fire hydrant? Don’t mark your territory like an EFin dog! before kicking him to the curb. As much as I liked him, insecurity* = do. not. want, and  to this day, he still thinks I am a nut-job who broke up with him over a hickey (not confirmed).

So in my mind, hickeys are GROSS.

Nowadays, hickeys have stepped its game up and gone digital. It’s allllll about subtly marking territories on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, et al., by leaving detailed wall posts spilling personal business for all to see, or uploading and tagging photos of the two of you. The various ways people leave digital bits is pretty hilarious and telling. All I know is, digital or not, hickeys = DO NOT WANT.

That said, dating is now a lot easier, thanks to social networking sites. Filtering potentials is so much easier. I can tell a lot about another person just by their Facebook or Myspace pages. If a guy I just met had digital hickeys all over their pages, I would definitely run the other way.

Reason no. 897928374 I really really love the Internet. ;)

*Just in case he’s reading this, he wasn’t all that insecure. We were together during my peak partying years. I was working a 9-5, bartending for fun at clubs on the weekend, and partying when I wasn’t working or bartending… so I understand. But as wild as I came off, I never did anything to make anyone be insecure.

Our Country is in Deep Sh*t

Twitter _ Mona Nomura_ Bay Area Summer School Get ...

Enough is enough.

I Tweeted the article on Bay Area summer schools getting cut and the response was well, let me put it this way. All I heard were crickets chirping at the tumbleweeds rolling across my monitor.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault anyone for their silences. I mean, how do you respond to something like that? I don’t know either, but sometimes, I can’t help but to wonder: do we (our nation) even care?

Pardon the profanity, but our country is in deep shit. Our educational system – the foundation of this country, is an utter failure.

…and those are only a few examples from people I correspond with. Google “budget cuts education” and the number of news articles that pull up are ridiculous.

These budget cuts are unacceptable.

Especially, since I learned the United States is tied for first place with Switzerland for annual spending per student on its public schools*. I don’t know about you, but “not enough funding” sounds like a load of crap to me.

How is our failed educational system ok?

Well, it is not. Something MUST be done.

…I just don’t know what (yet).
But enough is enough.

*via Wikipedia and OECD
**Further discussion on my Facebook and FriendFeed.