@Dreamhost and @netsolcares Double FAIL

Ok. Don’t laugh, but I finally decided to register a domain and host my blog back in December.

My first choice was Dreamhost, what a big mistake. Long story short, their site kept redirecting me to some Dreamhost App panel thing (with a broken URL) because I needed to sign up and consolidate something in order to create an account.

Uhhhh, what? I just wanted to register a domain and sign up for a hosting package…

Since general consensus stated Dreamhost was awesome, my heart was set to sign up with them. It was a bummer no matter how many which ways I tried, Dreamhost kept telling me the app panel thingy with the broken URL was required as the first step. Fine, whatever,  so I launched the chat app for live help. After waiting for a live person for what seemed to be an eternity (ok, about 45 minutes – not even exaggerating @Kristy is my witness), this happens:

After waiting and waiting and waiting, the person who was helping me, ended the session. Now I am not sure if there were technical difficulties or connection issues or what but way to reassure new customers, Dreamhost! I don’t care what any of my trusted friends said: I was over trying to sign up with them.

Back to square one.

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Tweetsnap: a non Java/Flash based Twitter widget

So I’ve been looking to somehow put my Twitter -or would it be Tweets?..whatever, who cares- into my WordPress. I randomly came across Tweetsnap and didn’t see it on Twitter’s pbwiki so I decided to share. At first I thought it was a screen capping app but turns out it’s a widget. See? (points below)
TweetSnap | Personalised Twitter images and banners for forums, MySpace and websites!
Basically it’s HTML generated code so if your site doesn’t support Twitter badges like this one (or maybe I’m too stupid to figure it out…), it seemed like a solution. How perfect. JUST what I was looking for.
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