Red Pill, Blue Pill, 1UP Pill? Either Which Way -WANT!

Whenever I see a little blue or red pill, Matrix, Morpheus, and tight black leather immediately comes to mind, but these suckers (no pun intended) may flip what I know. The Mario mushroom awesomeness is in a set of three and the site description reads they’re mints, but sour…? Which is a tad confusing for me. I’ve never had sour mints before, have you?

Oh well, who cares. It’s 1. Mario related and 2. mushrooms (especially the 1UP mushroom is all sorts of WIN) so even if the candy inside sucks ass, I’d be left with the containers. OH yes.

The three are $11.99 USD. Buy them here.


-1UP as in Negative, no Extra Life, Please Try Again

marioflague_ps_modeled I love Mario. I love hoodies. And in theory, Mario + hoodie should work – right?


That pictured on the left? Possibly takes over BAPE hoodies, as the most unfortunate design. EVER. (and I still stand by my statement: BAPE = FruitRoll Up explosion)

But now that I think about it, the guy throwing up his thumb in a wanna be nerd-gangsta pose may have something to do with me being SO turned off. Upon closer inspection, the mushroom zipper is kinda hot. -just saying. (click picture to enlarge)


See the entire gallery and purchase here: link