Dear Google Account Activity: I LOVE YOU

If you’ve ever wondered how many emails you’ve sent or received. How many Google searches you’ve done and even what you searched for, Google now gives users a high level overview.

I have no idea why I’m searching for autotune (nor do I remember the context) but it made me laugh out loud. It’s also pretty neat to see who I email the most. How I need to respond to emails more lol…and basically how I can improve with email management. Perhaps I should stop obsessing over maintaining inbox zero. I am so anal retentive about inbox zero, I’ve spent a lot of time customizing, labeling, filtering and still get 5k emails I barely respond to. Less than 1%, which means I need a new workflow. Crap.

See? I’m already learning and growing.

Anyway, this is incredible and the first feature I’ve been excited for in a long long loooong time. If you’re interested, the bigger image of my analytics (not including YouTube is below). You can read about the dashboard on Google’s blog here. And opt-in for the service here.

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