The 12 Most Annoying Facebookers Permanently Filed Under: EPIC

“Sure, Facebook can be a great tool for keeping up with folks who are important to you. Take the status update, the 160-character message that users post in response to the question, “What’s on your mind?” An artful, witty or newsy status update is a pleasure — a real-time, tiny window into a friend’s life.
But far more posts read like navel-gazing diary entries, or worse, spam. A recent study categorized 40 percent of Twitter tweets as “pointless babble,” and it wouldn’t be surprising if updates on Facebook, still a fast-growing social network, break down in a similar way.”

Worth the click and read. Seriously.
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Why Should We Even Care About Journalistic Ethics in Social Media?

Jenn Fowler pointed me to a piece on Social Media Ethics for Journalists by Gina Chen which starts out with a statement from Online Journalism Review:

“Journalistic ethics are pretty much the same online as in print or broadcast: Don’t plagiarize; tell readers how you got your information; don’t accept gifts or money for coverage; tell the truth; be honest.”

Well, if everyone operated under those codes, ethics in the digital medium wouldn’t be an issue. While the experts and leaders in the community are figuring out a standard, normal people like you and me who participate in daily social media activities must ask and answer certain questions to ourselves.


  1. Do I trust who is sharing the information?
  2. What makes me want to reshare?
  3. When should I check my sources?
  4. Where do I share this informtion?
  5. Why do I share this information?


Why should this even matter to me?

Think about it… how often do you ReTweet and share articles you come across on Twitter and or Facebook? I don’t know about you, but I see RTs all the time and my Facebook is inundated by shares. How many people do your shares reach?

Last year, I said data is democratizing…and it is. More so than ever. News sources are becoming more and more digitized. Information is so simple to publish, and data spreads like wildfire. Journalists from your favorite bloggers to trusted major publications race against each other to break exclusive stories and scramble daily to appear on leader boards of headline aggregating sites. When speed is required, there will be mistakes — we are all human, even journalists.

As much as I want to trust the sources I once did, those days are long gone. Past achievements of journalists should be respected, but their credential(s) and / or pedigree(s) must not equate to automatic credibility.

Which leaves decisions up to us.

Us meaning you, me, everyone who participates in content sharing communities such as Facebook, Twitter, et al., to think before drawing conclusions or re-sharing the “hot topic”. After all, it is up to us, the readers, who reshare or RT that can make or break stories.

So my question is: What is your credibility criteria? How do you determine which sites or Twitter accounts do you follow? Trust the most?

*portions of piece taken from my original post here — just thought I’d bring it up again because I feel like I’ve been preaching about this forever.

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Three iPhone Push Apps Every iPhone Addict Must Own

Don’t know about you, but the iPhone app store is about 80% useless redundant. There are so many frickin’ apps, I don’t know what’s good, what’s bad, which apps have push notifications that actually…well…work…?

However (!!!!)

I may have found the triad of apps with push notifications. Since I’m feeling generous today, I will share with y’all.

1. For the email junkies: PushGmail
Now before you barrage the “TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW“s; wait. And read. For people who have:

  • multiple Gmail accounts
  • one Exchange email already set-up on phone

PushGmail is the perfect solution. Still don’t follow? Ok, so I have my work Exchange email set-up, but I also Gmail all day errrrday. With PushGmail, my work emails get pushed onto my phone, and now my Gmail gets pushed too -read: best of both worlds. Have my cake and eat it too. I love this app more than fat kid love cake. At any which way, PushGmail RULES and is only 99cents. WELL worth the dollar (and some change)

2. For the sports addicts: Sportacular
In complete agreement with Kevin (jkontherun) who said: “Sports junkies that have an iPhone or iPod Touch owe it to themselves to take a look at Sportacular.” Holy smokes, this app is amazing. Scores are pushed (multi level settings, create alerts for only games and or teams you keep with) and it’s not just scores. Articles, breaking news, standings, etc., are available too but the best part? It’s free. Free. Screw ESPN. Sportacular is notch.

3. For the breaking news types: Twitter

Ok fine. So this one isn’t an app. But I’ve tried the AP and CNN apps but frankly, for instant breaking news, Twitter’s mobile alerting beats all. First, enable mobile alerts from Twitter to phone. Find your favorite news source and click the lil cell phone logo right by the “Follow” button and breaking news will be texted to you.  Like this (points below)

So these are my three must have apps for push – what’re yours?

Becoming a Social Business: Social Media is like the early days of IT

My friend Mona and I were having a conversation about this the other day and she compared business’ understanding of social media to the early days of the IT department when executives thought one person could handle all the technology needs. Twenty years ago companies thought one person could fill the role of Systems Administrator, Web Developer, Systems Architect, Help Desk, Project Manager, User Experience, etc. I thought this was a good analogy. To be successful, we need to grow beyond relying on a single person or department to own the use of social media. via Customer Think

I rarelytalk shop with anyone (look at my blog(s) and Twitter – I hardly share industry / social media related news) but Shannon Paul is one of the few exceptions. Her and I can talk for hours about anything and everything, including our now digicentric world. The way I see it, is, if you know community, you’re living community, and you don’t need to Tweet, blog, and talk about it every. second. of the day.

Shannon is one of the very few (in my humble opinion) who comprehends social media inside out. She is one who practices what she preaches. Just look at her blog and Twitter, you can immediately tell she talks TO the community and not AT the community. If you’re a brand or an individual looking to break into social media, Shannon is definitely one to follow. Plus, she’s smarter than me. ;)

Thanks, Shannon, for my two minutes of industry fame! :)

Read more from Shannon on her “Very Official Blog
Follow her on Twitter here: @ShannonPaul


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