Skype: This is Why I Refuse to Use You

Skype You Piece of Shit

What does that even mean up there??? So bizarre.

Sometimes, I have no choice but to use Skype because corporate people are still on there. I only have it on my work computer (a Windows machine) and absolutely refuse to use it for personal communication, deleted off all my devices — so long, farewell, see ya!

Skype is a bloated piece of useless software that hogs my RAM. It’s also broken 90% of the time.

FaceTime, Google Hangouts or even LINE ftw!

2 thoughts on “Skype: This is Why I Refuse to Use You

  1. Its a shame Skype wasn’t able to keep up with the market changes or even focus on its core features. I remember back in the day, Skype a pretty decent market share. Its amazing to see how fast that has dropped.

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