Are You 80 or 160?

An average person spends approximately a third of their lives at work. So it shouldn’t surprise me when people ask:

Do you work to live or live to work?

But I’m not going to lie. It does surprise me, for my answer has always been the same: “Why choose?” I’ve learned life is too short and unconsciously abide by the lessons I’ve learned. I wake up every day, excited to live and because work is a huge part of my life, I choose not to compromise my life by being miserable for a 1/3 of it, stuck in a job I hate. So it surprises -or saddens me- when people ask for whatever reason: ‘Do you live to work or work to live?’

Don’t waste your lives.

Holy Epic FAIL.

Just remembered I never finished my tech predictions for 2010. #fail Maaaaan and my predictions are usually really good or straight on point. But I do know one prediction that was debunked way earlier than I thought: WinMo. Boy was I truly blown away. Microsoft’s WinMo team deserves major props for executing a social centric data driven OS overhaul. Too bad they didn’t make launch at the same time as iPhone (2G at the least.) I hope they are not too late to play catch-up. Also extremely curious as to how the browsing experience is. I would not want to be locked into any of their (sh*tty) products: Office, IE, and Silverlight, specifically.

Latter is the reason I am going Android. I really want to wait for the third iteration of Android but I am sick of my iPhone and most of all, sick of AT&T’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad service.

NexusOne baby, I’m looking at you!
…why I woke up at 1:20am and felt compelled to punch this out is beyond me.


Oh, well hello there emo blog. What in the world got into me this weekend? My first thought was to delete (or make private) all of these personal posts. Seriously. What was I thinking? In two days, I managed to word vomit all this stuff… and then some. Oh, well. Maybe I will make this a regular practice. As in, weekdays equals nerdy posts, weekends saved for my personal crap? Or perhaps I should make another blog? Oh, I know. I’ll just delete the WordPress app from my iPhone. Invest in a moleskin to journalize the old school way? Maaan. All this thinking is too much effort. I’ll knock off the personal junk and keep this blog ‘formal.’
Naaah. I’ll just be me, and PixelBits will remain the same: random bits of pixels. Welcome to 2010 me. I hope you’ll stay. :)

On Trust.

In moments of utter weakness we tend to misplace trust. When we trust the wrong people, shit hits the fan. Then, bonds — no matter how strong — can be broken. Just like that. Relationships are so fragile. From family, friends to even loved ones, one can never be too careful. 2009 was one of my worst years. Even worse than the year my mom died. But as crappy as it was, I learned who my real friends are…and for that, I will be eternally grateful. It’s almost three months into the new year and things are finally falling into place.
2010 and me? I think we’re gonna be really good friends. : )

New on PixelBits: Blurbs

Btw in case you haven’t noticed, I am trying something new. My SEO friends will probably hate me, since these entries are all under 200 words but who am I trying to kid? I don’t even have my own domain registered. Which reminds me, I need to fix that soon. Ugh I can not stand Network Solutions (sorry Shashi) but I digress. Where was I? Oh, trying something new. So ya. Instead of Tweeting or writing drafts in my email I will most likely never publish, I am trying out this mobile blurb thing. Actually, the WordPress iPhone app is pretty sweet!
Wow. The dangers of instant publishing. Note to self: use with caution.

California Love

I’ve been back to California for less than a month. It’s quickly coming back why I dislike this state so much. Perhaps it’s the areas I spend my time — SF and LA, plus the ‘burbs, respectively — but it really bothers me how people, specifically Asians, tend to travel in packs. It’s like a herd of Asians and it’s scary. And I’m Asian!! Of course it’s not limited to California, but the Asian population is so large here, it is more noticeable than other areas.
And when everyone is the same race, same height, same style they look the same. Kinda like Neon Tetras. :(