Big Move to Japan

I’ve neglected PixelBits and apologies for that.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, I moved to Tokyo at the end of June.
I apologize for keeping mum about it.

I moved here for several reasons. The quality of life being the main one. Happiness factors and the Gini coefficient have been on my mind a lot lately and the aggression, anxiety of America was starting to effect my well being.

Another, is the opportunity. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend of ex-pats returning to their home countries after being educated at American universities, gaining experience in American work places and taking that knowledge to contribute to their home countries. I’ve never lived in Japan long enough to make a difference, but I speak Japanese, read and write Japanese, I am Japanese.

There is a global similarity of innovative stagnation within developed countries. As a Japanese, it makes me sad to see our country that was once dominant in technology and gaming continuously losing global traction. I’m worried about Sony, Nintendo and the other giants that are so dear to me. I basically grew-up in the era of old school rapid technological software and hardware growth, so I feel those brands are part of me in a weird way.

I’m aiming to learn as much as I can, in the shortest time possible, in order to give back in any way that I can contribute.

I was fortunate to land a job in a non-traditional yet still very Japanese mega corporation. I’m learning about e-commerce but more importantly, the intricacies of how the Japanese think and act in a business environment. Every day is a learning experience and I feel so blessed to be here.

I’m also slowly adjusting to life in Tokyo.
If you’re interested, I started a blog here: and a Japanese blog here:

If you or anyone else happens to pass through Tokyo, do please let me know.
The beer here is fantastic!