FriendFeed: How Do You Manage Your Information?

So I’ve been active on FriendFeed for about 3 full months, and just when I thought my love affair would end, FriendFeed rolled out a re-design with added features. With the new list function, I can organize and manage information better than before, thus making me even more addicted.

I’m not going to lie – FriendFeed’s search function is still premature, and filtering information flow is nearly impossible. Even with lists, it’s still tough to filter the constant information overload since most people on FriendFeed – regardless of their occuptions or titles, share a plethora of subject matters. Because of the chaotic, unorganized nature of our feeds (which I love), most FriendFeeders utilize the list function by grouping people, and creating their own filters. Louis Gray’s “With FriendFeed Lists, I Start to Organize the Noise“,  and Mike Fruchter “My A,B,C’s of FriendFeed” are two great examples of how they manage their information flow.  Robert Scoble even hand picked close to 200 people he feels gives him the information he’s looking! Wow, talk about dedication!

Like Louis, Mike, Robert, and the rest, FriendFeed is my aggregator.  But aside from information gathering, FriendFeed is now my one stop spot of choice for all my daily Internet needs. From socializing, news, funny pictures, gadgets, bizarre finds, wacky stories – everything I love about the Internet is on FriendFeed. (For a more indepth look, head on over to Mark Wilson’s post: 10 Reasons I Love FriendFeed. Mark sums up why I love FriendFeed beautifully!)

Since my interests range is so diverse, plus I don’t want to exclude anyone I’m subscribed to in fear of missing out on their shares, I chose to work with the features FriendFeed provides to fit my needs, and group a little differently. So perhaps, if you’re like me, my method will be helpful to you. :)

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HOLY CRAP My “Back to the Old Facebook” Posts are Featured, WTF?

My EFin blog is featured on WTF?! And how in the HECK did that happen?! Wow. Thanks, everyone for visiting…? I don’t know what to say except I am glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand the new Facebook.

Anyway, to get the Old Facebook back, click this: fbnew_opt_out=1 (Thanks Honor)

Btw, my other Facebook posts:

Hope that helps!

Mini-fig Mona Frying Bacon

OMG!! This was saved as a draft, wtf!

Moving on… A week ago, Chris Pirillo launched his community: Since I’m a huge Geek, I HAD to join… and his site is quite the community. In less than a week, more than 2,000 users signed up, but what surprised me the most is the range of interests and how it’s not tech / IT exclusive. The community is extremely active with tons of pictures, videos, forum topics, the groups OMG! They range from: Hardware, Software, Google, Food (sushi, cheese, Gummi Bears (!), to ramen), sports, music, funny pictures, toys, and even an 80’s Cartoon TV show group.

Since the list goes on and on, I’m going to stop here, but I find myself on quite often. :) The YouTube video of me frying bacon, was made by one of the members of the site who makes LEGO Brick Films, Spudster45. See his videos here. Anyway, it’s a pretty cool site. Check it out. :)

Custom Walmart Cakes. Ask and You Shall – precisely- Receive.

Why you should order cakes from Walmart. They follow directions. The exact directions:

Some people that work here had a going away party the other day for a woman that is leaving.

One of the supervisors called a Walmart and ordered the cake. he told them to write: “best wishes Suzanne” and underneath that write “we will miss you”. here’s the cake that was delivered:


R.I.P. “Old” Facebook. Looks Like We’re Stuck With the New One.

edit 9/13/08: To get the Old Facebook back, click this. ;)
I logged into Facebook right now and saw this:

Please say it isn’t so!!

Look, I tried the “new” updated one, I really did. But it is an unintuitive mess. There is just way too much going on. Tabs are here, there, and everywhere. The invitations for stupid applications GALORE are always IN MY FACE! At least with the old one, I can ignore them.

Plus, it takes too damn long to load and crashes my browswers! (Firefox 3 and Safari) Do Not Want doesn’t even begin to express my sentiments for the new one. I’m extremely unhappy and quite irritated that Facebook is no longer giving us a choice to use the old one.

Can someone link me to the petition? And will the petition… actually DO something?