Social Media Sudoku

The past few days, I’ve attempted life as a ‘normal person‘. Going out with friends, dates, bars, and today, I even had an ‘average Sunday’ — Sunday brunch, Sunday errands, lazy Sunday in a park, then Sunday coffee with my friends, complete with the Sunday paper.

As I was playing Sudoku, my mind started wandering, and the numbers morphed into icons of various Social Media networking sites I participate in. Then I realized, I may have a problem. I am addicted to the Internet, especially Social Networking Sites. (image via:, a site randomly found Googling for a visual to add to this post.)

I am signed up for over 20 different services, and the list of new accounts keep growing. Since I’m signed up for an abundance of services, it may seem as though ‘clone’ sites are spawning, but I disagree. It’s quite exciting to see how these ‘clone’ sites integrates and appropriates various features and functions of their predecessors to fit their own formulas. Just like how cars, gadgets, and electronics keep getting ‘better’, I firmly believe Social Networking sites do, as well.

To omit redundancy, I separate everything via purpose of the respective services so I’m not overloaded, overwhelmed, or bored by all these sites. I’ve learned to quickly distinguish which sites I will participate in, or not. Continue reading

I’m Already on FriendFeed, What’s the Point of SweetCron?

Last night, SweetCron was released and my friend Sean was one of the first who had it up and running. Go Sean! :)

In a nutshell, SweetCron is free Open Source lifestreaming software. It automatically imports images, videos, and texts, from various websites you’re signed up for, and consolidates them in one place.

So why would you even bother with another one of those sites?
Especially, if you’re on FriendFeed.

Well, I spend 95% of my days at FriendFeed –seriously. I reaaaally don’t need another aggregator. But I do. I’m planning to run SweetCron for a personal website. It would make it easy for my non FriendFeeder friends to keep up with my life, since (as much as I am a devotee), FriendFeed can be overwhelming. There’s tons of conversational threads, random dumpage of information, everything I love about it, my non-internet savvy friends don’t. (I tried getting a few to sign up)

I’m extremely excited about SweetCron since:

  1. SweetCron is very visual. The RSS feeds pull in media (images, video, etc). To see a live demo, visit the creator Yongfook’s site. His website is powered by SweetCron :)
  2. It’s for self-hosted sites, meaning I have control of a lot of things. (read: I can choose my own domain name +1!)
  3. And it’s easy on the eyes. Very simple and self explanatory — both front / back ends, and most importantly, for the users. People can jump on the site and start clicking around :)

Take a look at some of his screen shot videos:

Pretty neat, huh? Just like Dave, I think it’s going to be “pretty Fooking Huge“, too LOL.

Um, now all I need is a domain name. Does anyone have ideas / suggestions?

USB Webmail Notifier: Sole Reason I’d Consider Switching Back to Windows


* Webmail Notifier connects to your private email account when you can not, and let’s you know what is going on!
* Webmail Notifier works in the background to inform you every time you receive a personal email and even the capacity of unread emails!
* No battery require
* Soft Illuminated Blue, Red, Green indicator
* Webmail Notifier supports : gmail, yahoo, outlook, outlook express, POP3
* Easy operating software
* Powered by USB with 4 feet cables
* Every new mail will be associated with a sound
* Compatible with Windows Vista / XP / 2000

link via here

Are you a Mac or PC person? :)

BAPE clothing = Fruit Roll Up Explosion but THIS I Want

When I lived in NYC, BAPE was the big thing and it was the most unfortunate trend ever. I never understood why grown people sported apparel that looked like a box of fruit roll ups blew up. Or someone stopped, dropped, and rolled onto a three year old’s finger painting drawing. I mean seriously, look at the ugliness (points below)

But this I DO want. I can’t believe it’s from BAPE


….until I read the article

The Batman sweatshirt along with two more: Superman and The Flash (pictures at source) debuted last fall (07) All three came with mini toys = win. Retail pricing: Superman and The Flash sweatshirts = $351 and Batman = $439

I seriously did double and triple takes. That’s like… an iphone plus accessories. Even the 38k piece DeathStar costs less than one of those sweatshirts. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Would YOU buy one?


Desktop USB Light-Sabre Lamp: HOLY WANT, BATMAN


A desktop USB lamp styled like a lightsabre.
• When it is plugged-in the lightsabre will charge-up.
• Press the bronze button on the lightsabre’s hilt to activate the light.
• The lightsabre can be removed from its USB powered dock and used as a mini Star Wars toy.
• The light emitted is a subtle one in full daylight but pop it in the dark and it looks totally awesome.
• Requires a USB port.
• Suitable for ages 8 years+.
• Size: 33 x 6cm.

Thank you, Ryan!! via Gizmodo

Kurage 3 (Jellyfish): Fiber Optic Lighting HOLY WOW =O

Made by 1.5mm Fiber Optic cables, and by bending the optical fiber, the area is illuminated outside of the immediate area of the light, creating a very soft light. The brightness is adjustable by the size of the curve. AMAZING!

It doesn’t say how much it costs, but you can contact them for more info (in English) here. And their website is here. (It’s in Japanese and English)
See more pictures after jump

Continue reading

Digital Message Tape: Electric Tape Fun (!)

OMG LOVE! I’m not sure exactly how it works, but it says there’s a pen that comes with it. Which means, you write messages on the tape with the pen? Either way, this is FAR more awesome than a label maker, and another reason I am IN LOVE with ThinkGeek!

Product descriptions:

  • Large roll 2″ x 54 yds (50mm X 50m)
  • Small roll .7″ x 36 yds (18mm X 33m)
  • Marker pen included
  • Solvent free adhesiv

Large Roll = USD$8.99
Small Roll = USD$4.99
Buy yours here