70 (and then some) Facts about My FriendFeed Friends

Last Friday LOLMolly tagged a bunch of us on her Facebook to write 25 things about ourselves. It’s Monday Tuesday, and people are still continuing to share! I read every one of my friend’s lists and decided to share, 25 – well a little more than 25 things I learned about them.

In order of their responses:

  1. Raw egg eating Martha – initialed M.E.S., stood in sub-zero weather with no shoes and socks for FIVE MINUTES. And has no lasting physical injuries? Mental is another story. ;) Kidding!
  2. Did you know cereal hating MM Miss Michelle Martinez served our country AND still plays Pac-man?
  3. Who would’ve thought genius stat guy YuviPanda sucks at manual calculations? Perhaps it is because he’s never had or seen bacon before. :O
  4. Hello Kitty loving quick witted Yolanda has worked since she was 12? She alo has a pretty awesome Tumblr. ;)
  5. Notorious iPhone hater Viki learned to play chess at 7 and though Indian, has never seen the Taj Mahal. Figures. I know a lot of New Yorkers that have never visited our fair lady, The Statue of Liberty. ;)
  6. Easily, the classiest and most elegant person I have ever had the pleasure to meet online, Miss Emma, is a beautiful writer and radiates beauty from inside and out. Love her. :)
  7. Half Norwegian, half Korean Charlotte, is adorably geeky and is the illegitimate daughter of me and Dink (I HAD TO, YOU GUYS!)
  8. Dan – is simply INSANE. The man takes pictures of himself peeing in a urinal LOL. Enough said.
  9. Never ever will be a morning person, globe trotting Miss Ayse (I am SO with you) seems like she lived a few lifetimes. Next time you see her, ask her where she is from, about Iceland, and what her first language is.
  10. Ex-chess whiz Helen has been in a few competitions and is quite the renaissance woman!
  11. Ex-journalist Amanda H rocked her list and even makes her own wine. WOW.
  12. Spidra‘s list blew me away. No. 14 left me speechless. Thanks for sharing woman, and you are simply amazing.
  13. Always classy and one of the most intelligent men online Shey – started reading at three. He also screams (kinda) when he sees bugs. ;)
  14. Blue crab lovin’ Bwana can finish NES Mario with his eyes closed. AND didn’t even touch a computer until he hit college. Hard to believe, since he is so savvy – I guess it’s natural talent. ;)
  15. Not only is Lindsay a great person with a great heart, she is an uber designer, programmer, and has a mutant thumb.
  16. Who knew Lindsay’s other half Tad, likes seafood, addicted to chocolate and mint. I didn’t know, did you?
  17. Super genius Jason started programming in third grade, addicted to Q-tips and says it’s (almost) better than sex (HIS WORDS!)
  18. Haro was a frickin’ MEAN GIRL and a bully. Thinks she’ll be a good photographer but has no camera. Perhaps we should pitch in and get her one. ;)
  19. A hot hot chick, great friend, and sexy as hell Far isn’t just looks. She’s a programmer with an engineering degree and a mean ass cook!
  20. “The Dancing Fool” aka Ja wears size 11 shoes. SIZE 11!! Wow, he must have big… socks.
  21. Fabulous Felicious is a serial dater but is planning to climb Mt. Fuji in two years – since she can still do cartwheels, I wonder if she’ll cartwheel up that damn rock. ;)
  22. The mystery girl behind the awesome socks, Miss Penguin is finally off her Mt. Dew addiction and smells books. ;)
  23. Rock loving tehKenny is the awesome – and his first name is Charles LOL
  24. Comic book and candy robber Haggis aka Sean almost died, has a sweet tooth and plays video games.
  25. Miss MIA Pea came back after a break (and a HUGE move cross country – congrats!!) is a kindergarten drop-out with a BS in psych. OMG I hope the lack of a kinder diploma doesn’t negate her degree…
  26. Always adorable Alphaxion feels like puking at the notion of butter and had a spider named Fred. Awesome.
  27. Softie Steven gave his brother a scar and is a writer, who has been published!!
  28. Darling Derrick hates avocado. Which is all I am going to say about him. Shame on you, cupcake. SHAME ON YOU!
  29. Resident flirt Rahseeeeeeen is not a player, he crushes a lot. And he went to Georgia Tech (on scholarships). Hot.
  30. James Junior is a Junior (duh) and he’s only gotten drunk once. :O
  31. Laker Lover L4S is my pretend online husband. Hence, “hubs”. He like corn tortillas and has an amazing heart.
  32. Bec is planning to change her name – to what, Bec?! Share!!
  33. Linux loving possible248 comes up with really cool question of the days. What’s your real name anyways, possible? ;)
  34. Glen plays a bunch of instruments and even lived in the UK! WOW.
  35. Do you know anyone who has a common transcendental number to one hundred decimal places memorized? Logical Extremes …btw, what IS that? :P
  36. Hopeless romantic robot loving Mo doesn’t drink OR smoke. Nice.
  37. Mayo hater Carmen loves her dog more than us. :( But it’s ok since she makes us laugh. ;)
  38. Corvette driving Kevin doesn’t believe in the number nine.
  39. Cha-Cha and his dad IM during the day – how hot is that?
  40. Brandy is terrified of water but lives in Palm Beach HAHA!
  41. Miss Super Smart Sheryl started Kindergarten at four because she was so smart – is that even legal?!  ;)
  42. A non annoying Vegetarian YAY Chris was in radio for almost 30 years. Wow.
  43. Drummer, daddy, and founder of Flickchart, Nathan has 227 subscribed to him on FriendFeed. Are you one of them?
  44. THE one and only Miss Katie not only has a GORGEOUS radiating smile, she is a published poet. WOW!
  45. Semi Tic Tac addict, French speaking Bryce, thinks American bacon looks funny. SHAME ON YOU!
  46. Fellow foodie and prolific programmer Alan Le YouTube channel consists of his adorable son, Edison and OS boot-ups. He seriously RULES.
  47. LED Addict – HAS to be BLUE Mladen doesn’t like skinny girls and loves Campari hahaha!
  48. Sounds like Mathew has been to hell and back, and pulled through – his eye for photography is fantastic. I am looking forward to his future work. :)
  49. I’ve never met anyone who has gotten into more vehicular accidents than Jonathan, have you?
  50. Rumor has it, rockstar Monique had a jheri curl – has anyone seen it???
  51. If this: “17. If I get bored enough and have paper and a pen, I’ll do trigonometry.” doesn’t want to make you subscribe to Amber, I don’t know why you find me interesting.
  52. I already knew this but Brandon is 6 foot 5. SIX FIVE!! It’s probably because of “strong juice”. Don’t ask me what that is, ask him. ;)
  53. If anything, go read George‘s No. 17. – I absolutely LOVED it and sure you will, too.
  54. There is an iPod loving lacrosse player in the house; Mr. Ethan Bake. And I think he is a born genius – what do you think?
  55. Trish R. is Trish R. She discos and watches people (not as creepy as it sounds) I love her. That is all!
  56. Chocoholic Shannon Jiménez has no hand-eye coordination but will probably dominate me in a video game match. But that’s ok, since she is AWESOME.
  57. Smart ass Mark cries at movies? So hard to believe!
  58. Ya, Jim. What IS up with being a pepper lover but getting sick of jalepenos? We need to find the root cause STAT Mister ex ad agency in Manhattan big shot. ;)
  59. Christian – you are not sarcastic and cynical. But the next time you say something rude, I’ll be sure to refer back to your ‘disclaimer’ ;) And I, too, love basketball but TERRIBLE at playing!
  60. Like national writing award winning Alix,  I too, make things best I don’t eat. ;)
  61. Tina aka Stupid Blogger’s list read like a novel. Get comfy and read it. I cannot pick out a few points, since she spent so much to compose and share.
  62. For any mundane task, one of the best photographers on FriendFeed, Justin Korn, bangs out a script. Though he says he vocab is pathetic, I love his writing.
  63. Aussie with a British passport as well, Penny‘s denim collection is worth more than me. She has 22 pairs of super duper expensive jeans!!!
  64. Google Earth addict cjsmart has two daughter – one, who that threw a sippy cup at his forehead when he spanked her haha.
  65. Nine hours in a day dedicated to cricket? That is lunacy, but can’t wait to hear more from multi-talented Parth, who is not just a progammer, too.
  66. Comic book collector (5,000+ omg!) Pete D has teaching credentials too! AND he is authoritatively curious.
  67. Ninja lovin Tamara aka Beanie, is half Japanese half “White” – she loves gadets as much as me, and I have known her longer than any of you (most likely) Get to know her, you’ll like her. ;)
  68. Seafood allergic Darren, had some of the best pictures up to go with his list. He also has two degrees – awesome!
  69. Ex DJ Eric @ CS Techast has his name in two books! He also went all the wat to Comdex with his own money to say hi to Bill Gates. Eric? You are my hero!
  70. Mobile tech and NBA junkie Rodfather‘s avatar is his family crest. Awesome.

…phew. Compiling this list took three four days – way longer than reading everyone’s and commenting. Anyway, thank you guys, for sharing a bit of yourselves. And just in case, mine is on Facebook, FriendFeed, and here as well. ;)

This is why I love FriendFeed so much. If you haven’t joined, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Sub to these guys, they’re pretty interesting – don’t ya think?

Note: This list is current as of 1:32am est., and should include everyone I am subscribed to. If I missed you, I am so sorry, it’s all LG’s fault. :)

28 thoughts on “70 (and then some) Facts about My FriendFeed Friends

  1. I had so much fun reading this! I don’t know half these people but I laughed some, smiled and even wished I knew some of these people personally they seemed that interesting. : ) I guess this is from your list of 25 things you did on Facebook. I didn’t fill mine out because I had already done mine about a month before you asked me to and I didn’t want to bore anyone reaing my 25 AGAIN! lol


  2. I’m still on the fence about joining this meme. I love your list, Mona, just the same. For me it’s not “what you don’t know about me” but rather “what do I want you to know about me”. In 54 years there have been more than a few experiences I’m not sure I could share comfortably, not knowing who’s reading it.

    I’ll give it some more thought and see what happens.

  3. Jack – I am looking forward to it. :) Share as much as you want or don’t want, no pressure! Though please note, I love interacting with you on FriendFeed!

  4. Mona,

    You are THE awesome.

    Not only cataloging all of these lists but extracting their essence to include your post.

    Thanks so much for that! I’m bookmarking this post.

  5. …haha! Thanks Mona; was a pleasure to read so many other “facts” too. I really like that you have collected so many here so I can learn a bit more of those I missed.

    @Charlie – proof is in the pudding! Let’s see it. :)

    Thank you.

  6. Thanks again for this list, Mona. It’s been great to learn so much about fellow friendfeeders. We are an interesting crew, that’s for sure!

  7. You guys – I loved reading everyone’s and compiling this list. I still have a BUNCH more to add, but glad that everyone’s enjoying it as much as me. Thanks for the comments and hopefully you found someone new to sub to! :)

    @Parth – that may possibly be the sexiest thing someone’s said to me. Wow – flattery will get you everywhere. ;)

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